Second Marriages and Beyond Comments

  • Great second time

    I'm am remarried, and have clearly understood some of these suggestions. I didn't care about a big wedding, because I had one and all the bells and whistles the first time. However, my husband had not, and I wanted him to feel special. WE each had left our old lives, and really had no homes of our own. Our children had homes, and we had to decide where to live, and what to buy. Our friends gave us a shower because we had nothing but a coffee pot, bed and kitchen table . Our children were in our wedding, and my grandchildren . So to each their own !!

    Shelly 2016-06-02

  • Why the no veil

    This is a second marriage for both of us. Our wedding party is made up of our children. All but one are adults and they are very happy for us. I am a widow and will be wearing a veil but not a train. As Christians, my future husband and I are abstaining until our wedding night so the veil seems appropriate. .

    Bev 2015-04-09

  • Awful

    The pomposity in these 'rules' about a second marriage are just amazing. Healthy people in bad marriages, end them and each party is free to move on and find happiness again. I agree tell children and folks and be prepared. Like this piece people love to judge. Perhaps the second wife has never ben married before. Why shouldn't she celebrate and have all the things she is entitled to as a mew bride, or a bride again? Isn't it better for two unhappy people to get divorced rather than cheat because of some apparently valiant excuse (kids) or less so, their finances? You obviously disapprove of second marriages and it's not loving at all.

    Helene 2015-03-19

  • 2nd marriage

    our invitations were formal, we decided to word them as my mother requesting the "honour of your presence" etc... My mother is walking me down the isle and as well we both thought it a beautiful way to honour my mother and our love for her.

    My finance's step daughter had the NERVE to tell us our invitations were inappropriate and did not follow proper etiquette and proceeded to chastise us, etc... We put her straight on "proper etiquette" and basically told her why do you care and butt out. She has done nothing but undermine our relationship and our marriage. She's a 35ish grown woman with 4 children and one on the way. It has been nothing but a nightmare, as well as quite stressful myself, fiancé, my grown daughter and my mother.

    I've actually had to call and contact EVERY single vendor for our wedding to alert them as to the situation as it has been suggested to us she is likely to attempt to cancel, venues, catering, flowers, cake and the like.

    I am at a loss at this point. Any words of wisdom or ideas would be most greatly appreciate. Thank you!

    lala 2014-08-10

  • married my husband a second time. very quietly.

    So my only concern is that we used same rings. Is that a sign of bad luck or something like that. I did not think about that before. We are off to a very good relationship, talking about our feelings more. We are seeing the good in each other. We are doing things together, from yard work to cooking, dishes and cleaning. The difference is like night and day. Our Love for each other has changed in many ways. Any way that was my only question, about our wedding rings???
    If anyone could respond back to me. thank you marg

    marg 2013-04-15

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