A new promise and yet not so new Comments

  • perfect

    My husband and I have been together 17 years, married 5yrs, renewing our vows 12/12/12. This short and sweet renewal is just perfect.

    sara 2012-09-27

  • A new promiae yet not so new

    I Dennis, give to you Donna, a new promise and yet not so new; A new and yet not so new; and new affirmation of love from the heart that has loved you for 29 years and will love yu for as many more as God allots to it.

    donna 2012-08-05

  • great

    it was so lovely. and i loved it

    betty french 2010-07-29

  • Good -succinct

    I liked this because it meets the need of a couple who have lived together for a long time and now wish to make their commitment legal.

    Bonnie 2008-02-03

  • it was alright

    i think it was short and sweet. no need for long boring tradtional vows. the american lifestyle has no time for that! lol.

    ullelee 2007-05-30

  • not so good

    this needs to be elaborated

    samantha 2005-07-28

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