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  • Beautiful

    me and my boyfriend are gonna get married for the 5th time and like this is perfect omg thanks so much lol

    Sheranda 2017-03-08

  • Great Meaning

    We are renewing our wedding vows after 14 years of marriage. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

    Leeann 2013-06-13

  • Renewing Our Love.

    We are renew our vows in August,and,I just can not
    wait cause he is my soulmate.
    It has been 10 wonderful years together.
    This renewal vow is just what I was looking for.
    I could not see my life without my bestfriend,and,my soulmate.

    Pam 2013-04-24

  • Beautiful

    im renewing my 10th anniversary in 18 days and im using this... :) its fits us now lol

    Emjoy 2012-07-15

  • vow

    this is an ideal vow to use after 23 yrs of love

    nicholas smith 2012-02-13

  • it seems like yesterday

    Doing this on dec 23 2011 awesome

    stevie 2011-12-20

  • renewal

    Defintely be using this in 20 days at our ceremony

    ashley 2011-10-02

  • seems like yesterday.

    Exactly the right words for our 25yr renewals, Just beautiful x

    Margaret 2011-08-18

  • So true

    We are thinking about renewing our vows for our 30th anniversary in June and this will be perfect!!!

    Mandy 2011-01-30

  • perfect for renewal

    i used this for our 30th wedding anniversary in hawaii, on the brought tears to a stoic man. Beautiful

    beauty 2010-11-18

  • Memories

    These vows would be PERRFECT for ma mother and father. Theyy are renewing their vows and this would be in ma top 5...!!

    Jzournae 2010-06-12

  • Its seems like yesterday

    We are going to renew our vows in 4mths and certainly will use this verse.

    Tiara 2010-01-23

  • Thanks

    Thanks for the ideas. Used a few verses from this one combined with my own stuff.

    Mark 2009-12-25

  • Good One

    I like this one.

    Cynthia J 2009-11-11

  • Luv it

    My parents are taking there vows again, my sister and i have been asked to write the vows for our mum and dad. The words in this put accross the meaning and th respect they still have to each other
    its lovely.

    Steff 2009-09-26

  • it seems like yesterday

    We will be renewing our vows in may after 15 years. i am definally going to use this.

    christina 2009-03-28

  • It seems like yesterday

    Even though I haven't been married for 25 years, I love these vows. I'm renewing my vows in the next 2 years. It will be our 10 year anniversary.

    lady di 2008-10-13

  • it sems like yesterday

    Took a few verses, renewing our 25th anniversary vows in 2 weeks, it just stops you looking at blank paper and gives you ideas. Thank you

    amanda 2008-08-10

  • i seems like yesterday

    My sister and brothin laws 25th anniversary is this weekend. They don't know it yet but the birthday party they are going to is their suprise party and if they will go for it I will "re-marry" them. This verse is their life together to a "T".

    Cheryl 2008-06-16

  • It seems like yesterday

    We are renewing our vows on June 7th, 2008. We eloped ten years ago and I always have said that we will have a great big wedding on our ten years. Now we have made it and so we are.

    Thaya 2008-05-22


    These vows are exactly what I have been looking for.
    They are more perfect that words could ever explain.

    Kate 2007-11-15

  • It seems like yesterday

    We are renewing our vows in 14days (our 490th) on the beach in Florida. This is just what I was looking for to help me write our vows.

    Nancy 2007-11-05

  • It seems like yesterday

    We will be renewing our vows in 11 days...our 25th..I will definitely use this.....

    coco 2007-07-10

  • So very emotional

    We are hoping to renew our vows in 3 years time on our 25th and will certainly use this verse.

    Lesley 2007-06-15

  • it seems like yesterday

    this is fantastic just what I was looking for to adaft for our wedding vow renewal after 25 years

    lesley 2007-06-08

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