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  • Forever

    Eternal love I know it hasn’t been easy but I still have a flame lit for you. I’m just gonna ride this storm out and wait patiently for you. I could never leave you behind no matter what.

    Jason Pacheco 2019-08-29

  • Anniversary

    Thank you I’m using it!

    Mike 2018-02-27

  • renewing our vows

    just about perfect ty

    Cindy 2015-08-29

  • I cry a lot

    I love ever bit of it. I couldn't write it better. Thank you for the help I need on writing my own vows.

    Nikia 2015-06-13

  • One thing has not changed

    When I read this it bought a tear to my eye. Just what I wanted to read when I renew our vows.

    Mandy 2012-09-18

  • One thing has not changed

    Awesome words and absolutely beautiful, going to use these words for my 25th Wedding Anniversary

    Charmaine 2012-04-24

  • one thing has not changed

    My husband and I of 17 years separated in 2009 and were divorced in 2010. We have now reconciled and on what would have been our 19th wedding anniversary in 2011 we are getting re-married. I am going to tweak it a little for my specific situation, but it is beautiful and well said.

    Becky 2011-08-25

  • true love endures

    made me think of the years of our marriage. such a wonderful composition. i love it to the bits!

    Babes 2011-01-30

  • great

    I really loved it. It really hit home for me and my husband ot the point that I cried.

    cheryl 2009-11-16

  • Beautiful

    when u renew vows, its true you really do know each other and hopefully you will love more

    Joy 2009-09-21

  • One thing has not changed

    After reading these vows I saw my husband and myself in every line. This is perfect. Thank you for looking into the hearts of others and composing such beautiful and real words to be used again and again to show someone how much you love them. I will use this.

    Bernadette 2009-01-05


    Im trying to plan a wedding renewal and this has helped immensely to help me put what im feeling into words.

    Jodi 2008-06-14

  • One thing has not changed

    Is it unmanly for a guy to shead a tear? When I read this I did and not ashamed of it. This actually discribed my marriage.

    JAMES 2007-10-15

  • Perfect

    We are renewing our marriage vows in a few days and have elected to write our own vows. I'm not a writer, but have written a few notes down about what I wanted to say but was having difficulty putting htem all together. I found this, and it says just about everything I want to say. I cried as well; it's perfect!

    Janet 2007-07-23

  • one thing has not changed

    Very moving and very appropriate. Fantastic.

    Karen 2007-07-01



    lesley 2007-06-09

  • one thing has not changed

    Reading this poem made me travel down memory road. It has a lot of fire... Great Job!

    corjual 2007-02-17

  • perfect

    I have been searching for the right words to express to my wife my never ending love. I have found them here. Thank you.

    Mark 2007-01-17

  • one thing has not changed

    it's perfect, it's beautiful, it's everything i want to say to my wonderful husband.

    cynthia 2005-10-04

  • this is it

    FOR months I have been looking for a guide, some help, a suggestion on how to open my heart and write my vows for our 10 year vow renewal coming up next weekend. We did not have a wedding the first time, so this is going to be the big day for me, for us... these words ring so true.. I was slupped over my desk going through all different examples and when I read this one, I knew.... this is it!!this is the one I was looking for!!! THANK YOU !!!!

    jessica 2005-08-06

  • one thing has not changed

    I love this.It sums it all up perfectly.

    Crystal 2005-08-01

  • one thing has not changed

    When I saw this I couldn't think of a better way to tell my Marine Husband how I have felt about the years we have been married at our renewal. PERFECT!!!

    Mary 2005-02-10

  • one thing has not changed

    i love it....i love it...i love it...

    jenny 2005-01-28

  • one thing has not changed

    This was so beautiful I cried why I wrote it down. It's amazing how all marraiges that last happily can be described in almost the same words.

    melissa 2005-01-27

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