The rebirth of our commitment

The word renaissance means rebirth;
today we celebrate the rebirth of our commitment
before this honoured gathering.
________, with full confidence in the solid anchor of our love,
I take you once again as my husband/wife.


  • recommitted

    I choose these vows to recommit myself
    to my husband. they are perfect no
    more needs to be said.

    Kim 2006-08-14

  • Renewal of Vows

    I Nicole Anttonette Walton Herby Declare I Still Love you, from the First time I fell In Love With You, that night When You Said You Love Me, I Told You That it Is A very Serious Word With A lot Of Meanings And you Said You Meant What You Said, today Is Our 2nd
    Year together Through Every Toil And Storm We have made it through And With All My heart I Know we Can make A mile stone, I am still Totally Commited to you as from the start of our relationship.

    love alway your wife Nicole

    Nicole Walton 2005-07-26

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