1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Comments

  • 8

    How can you get plum blossoms without any cold and bone?

    Dolly.Abbott 2020-02-19

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    uh 2019-12-27

  • massage for the bride to be

    I am a speaker at the kitchen party today and i have do motivation.

    nthabiseng kubeka 2014-09-24

  • Lofton

    Words to live by when you think you are in love.

    Mary 2014-07-10

  • Old

    Everyone uses these vows.. i'm looking for something new.....

    Neveen 2011-11-15

  • Smile

    This verse is on a plaque in my living room and I am engaged and plan on using this w. a touch of my own twist to make everyone smile!
    <3 peace && happiness

    Amanda Jean 2010-03-02

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    trlbjb 2008-12-20

  • always and forever

    i have always loved this verse. it has helped the relationship between me and my husband grow stronger

    mrs. T 2008-10-07


    I really like the different types of vows and Bible Verses that is supplied. Very Helpful. Thank you.

    CONNIE 2008-01-22

  • my wedding day

    ok so its not till next week but i got this from that movie "a walk to remember" and i always liked the way it sounded and the way it moved about love. so my fiance has this thing about that movie and he won't admitt it but he does and i thought this would be a nice touch for us. well later...anna

    anna 2007-05-14

  • Great site

    This site is great and offers so many options for one's wedding. The variations of the verses, too, is appreciated.

    Martha 2007-02-12

  • pastor

    one of the couples I married requested I check out your site
    it is a good one

    wayne nelson 2005-10-13

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