Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love Comments

  • Kurt and Courtney

    Kurt was depressed. Believe it or not you can be in love and still be depressed enough to commit suicide. She didn't drive him to it.

    Mary 2015-03-22

  • Embrace

    No one knows what goes on in people's lives that leads them to take drastic and heartbreaking measures. Sometimes people can only see one way out of the pain and suffering they are filled with...left with the why? is sometimes better than left with the knowing.

    Katy 2013-08-08

  • Ya Petra again

    Okay so all Kurt ever said was that he loved Courtney she didn't drive him to do shit. Just because she's a crazy bitch doesn't mean anything. Courtney was also in love with him and him dying kind of ruined her. Why would she want that. She's always gonna be known as his crazy widow. And I did watch Kurt and Courtney which led me to the conclusion that someone murdered Kurt but it wasn't Courtney. I love Kurt and nirvana so much they are really the only music I listen too but you can't blame everything on Courtney because she's a tough ass there are plenty more suspects it could have just been a crazed fan on Dave grohl just saying...

    One more thing 2013-07-13

  • Calm down

    Guys calm the fuck down Courtney didn't do anything but be his wife. Have you even done the research they loved each other if anything the one ruining the relationship was Kurt though I hate to admit it. I personally don't think he killed himself yeah I know I'm crazy but I just can't see it. Sure he was depressed for a long time but by the end he was saying he was the happiest he had ever been with France's and Courtney and if any one killed him I think it would be Dave grohl the guys an attention hog who I feel was jealous of Kurt. Plus the he proceeds to make a band exactly like nirvana with him as the front man.

    Petra 2013-07-13

  • He Pulled it because

    Courtney Love was the cause for his death, because she was jealous of him and all his fans and publicity and talent that she didnt have.. read the news articles.. I was a Freshman in HS 1994-95. And LOVED him and his music..

    Traci 2013-02-12

  • go to hell courtney

    i believe 100% that that insane bitch courtney either killed him herself or paid someone to do the dirty work, she has tried to in the past, and the hitman who she tried to pay that confessed died the next week.....coincidence......i think not. and on the shotgun, no fingerprints, how is that? if they were wipped off, how can a dead man wipe off his fingerprints? he cant! ive been through all the evidence and she is crazy. her father found a poem that she wrote 1 year before kurts death, she wrote about how she wanted to marry a rich man and kill him. if that isnt enough for the cops to lock her up i dont know what is!!!!!!

    WE LOVE YOU!!!


    Hannah 2012-07-23

  • Amazing

    I think these are some of the most genuine and romantic wedding vows I have ever read. If I ever get married I'm putting some of this into my ceremony.

    Candace 2012-07-16

  • Seriously Folks

    Unbelievable, people....let Kurt rest in peace and let Courtney have peace. Nobody "drives" somebody to suicide...suicide is a selfish act and you're forgetting how selfish he was for leaving behind his wife, child, family, friends and fans. Your anger at Courtney is misguided and should be directed toward the true perpetrator: Kurt.

    Shena 2012-03-06

  • Silly me...

    I think these vows are beautiful. They point out that marriage isn't about creating a new love/relationship, but rather continuing one. I'm not getting into the Kurt and Courtney debate. This is supposed to be a website for wedding vows. Enough is enough.

    Marilynn 2011-12-11

  • Ridiculous

    Here I am, looking for wedding vow samples, planning my wedding...you know, a sacred moment in life where to wonderful people share their love for one another in holy matrimony, and all I see is hate mail! Regardless of what happened after their wedding, during their ceremony, they were in harmony, they were in bliss, THEY LOVED EACH OTHER!!! They were celebrating their love, and all any of you can do is talk about their deaths. I find it pathetic. I don't want to read about unhappy marriages, suicides, etc. when I'm looking for vows to celebrate my own love. You all NEED to grow up, and if you're going to ACT like you know what ACTUALLY happened, you need to blog elsewhere...like Facebook let's say. Obviously you're all still in High school, so go back to Facebook. This is ridiculous. I just want to read some friggin wedding vows!!!

    Cayme 2011-11-08

  • Pretty Language

    This is not pretty language for couples to read that are looking for a way to express the love they have for one another. There is a time and a place for everything and this is not the place for fighting over relationships. I think this is a beautiful wedding vow and uncouth comments should be left off. We were given a language in order to communicate and express our feelings but we were given sense to know when to restrain ourselves. Please use common sense when posting comments. Please don't use vulgar language. People of faith look on these sites in order to get new ideas for precious couples wanting an alternative to traditional marriage vows. May you all be blessed.

    Denise Burton 2011-08-15

  • Misunderstood

    I believe Kurt's death was due to pain he had carried from his childhood. Not feeling the love from his parents any child would require. The pain carried through his adulthood which would have lead to problems within his marriage to courtney. The demonds were there before she came along. Francis would have given him the strength to carry on. Drugs would have had a massive effect on his mental status.....Were not Kurt and will never know the pain he was in...Let the music live on on thank's to Dave Ghrowl who has continued to provide the world with amazing music...were all still apart of Kurt Kobain and his memory. Just think for one second how Courtney Love would have felt when Kurts ashes were stolen from here home......RIP Kurt Kobain...another amazing artist misunderstood. xxxx Justine

    Justine 2011-07-17

  • Beautiful vows

    Crying eyes within a wilted soul weep for the loss of the ones who bared these sentiments. Good writing, even if it was fiction or fantasy

    Julie 2011-05-16

  • no name

    And of course all of you knew them both personally im guessing so you know your facts when commenting? Nope didnt think so... maybe you should keep these comments of a site like this then

    no name 2011-05-11

  • Come on...

    Courtney is definitely not my favorite person but NOBODY can force you to kill yourself. Its foolish to attempt to understand what Kurt must have been thinking when he took his life and even more ludicrous to blame Courtney. Kurt had to be deeply disturbed and his decision was his own. I think rather than arguing over trivial aspects of his death, we should honor his life and talents.

    LIZ 2011-02-22

  • WOW

    Wow guys this is a Marrige Vow site. The most incredible gift of all. why the heck would you waste your time agruing over who did what it happend its not your business and if your on this site looking for wedding vows you should be happy you are about to enter a new life with your love. so quit bitching.

    Cassie 2010-10-08

  • Seriously

    Courtney loved kurt. I can't believe people still think she did it.

    Shut up 2010-10-06


    Umm, none of you were probably even born when Kurt Cobain died. But I can agree that he is a "god". All though no one knows if Courtney Love killed him or if he killed himself or if someone you have never even heard of did it. So all of you need to shut the hell up because you obviously don't know what youre talken about.

    Ashleigh 2010-09-28

  • Horrible

    You guys should be ashamed of Yourselves!!!
    You never lived thier lives.
    So don't try to sit here and act like you know everything about them.
    You only know what you've been told.
    What happened behind closed doors, is their buisness.
    So stop trying to point the finger at someone to blame for his suicide.

    Tayler 2010-09-27

  • ummm

    Guys he was depressed like serious bad depression and where I'm sure courtney didn't help the matter, he had problems none the less so it wasn't just courtney and it certainly wasn't because he was confused about where his coolness and where he realness started or stopped. when you have depression that bad you feel like your dying yet your still alive so maybe read up on people before you start accusing or judging because you can't make an accurate point unless you know all the facts.

    Kari 2010-09-12

  • Shame on you all

    Im with Sam... As someone who is trying to do some geniune research on wedding vows, these comments were distracting and a waste of my time.
    You all need to get a life!

    Clair 2010-08-14

  • This is supposed to be about love

    These comments are totally ridiculous and unneccisary. These vows are beautiful and you can tell that they were really in love. I'm certain she was heart broken when she lost him. We could all see it.

    Kelly 2010-08-13

  • Kurt

    They stood at the altar, the vows went so well, they looked at each other under a drug induced spell.
    The minister said you are now man and wife, until the day that you take your own life.
    The reception that followed was sure quite a bash, as 5 full days later they still had not crashed.
    But when he came down and his vision was clear, Kurt took one look at Courtney and said "I need a beer."
    Her nose was so crooked, as were her teeth, her lips were so huge, and her thighs were like beef.
    As the next several months stretched into years, through marriage Kurt realized all of his fears.
    Drinking and drugs his pain could not dull so Kurt put a bullet in his own skull.
    Now don't be so hasty and don't cast the blame, for if you'd married Courtney wouldn't you do the same?

    Gene 2010-07-16

  • Think about it.

    Granted he is dead, but in the end it was his choice....nobody make you kill yourself. Don't blame Courtney. BTW, The question is their vows...and I think they rocked!

    Taylor 2010-06-04


    I find it sad and tragic that instead of taking a moment to feel the love that they had for one another, you people are all focused on a tragity that happened to a family. These vows where not posted on here for you to all mock. If you could all get out of the tabloids for a moment and take some time to consider that she was found inocent and that a child lost a father, no a daddy. To stipulat that she forced him into it is a sad judgment on your parts. Some people just cant handle life. But for a moment when he was happy. I think it is time you let this FAMILY REST. SAD, SAD, SAD on all of your parts. I would be ashamed if I was any of you ripping apart there vows with hate and nastyness. Please be careful you will rep what you sow. On a happy note I think the vows would have suited them to a T. R.I.P Kurt and I am sorry to Frances if you ever have to come accross this mess.

    rita 2010-03-25

  • Ugh.

    Dudes. Weather or not it was Courtney fueling his fire...He was suicidal!
    He's dead.
    Get the fuck over it and let the poor guy rest in peace.
    Do you not understand the hassles of a celebrity life?!
    Fuck you all for saying shit about Courtney as well.
    They were poison for eachother. DEAL WITH IT AND ENJOY THEIR BLESSING OF MUSIC UPON US.

    And again. Fuck you all.

    rena 2009-07-20

  • Kurt Cobain

    I think that Kurt Cobain was an awesome musician and I cannot understand why he commited sucide. R.I.P Kurt Cobain.

    Alex 2009-07-06

  • Its About The Vows People

    While I wouldn't call the above wedding "vows" in the traditional sense I certainly do think they are a fantastic wedding "blessing". The ideas imparted by these words are beautiful. Loving another person for who they are and sharing a pure, true connection with that person is what leads to marriage. I would be honored to have someone share these words/ideas/thoughts/wishes on me and my beloved on our wedding day.

    Kim 2008-09-05

  • A timeless tragic couple

    These vows pull at your heartstrings. I think they were truly soulmates. Much like the Shakespearean tragedies, love doesn't end with death. I think they'll be reunited in their afterlife, and the sadness that surrounds his end isn't for anyone to judge or place blame.

    Kathe 2008-09-05

  • with the ligths off

    kurt loved courtney love and he loved his kid but eveything else was not he coudnt take the pleasure in enjoying his work he embodied this image that the corperation gave him he felt like a slave a servant he just wanted to be left alone yes his early life plauged his manic depresssive behavior but we all have problems dont label him hes music touched us and his word lives on dont even label cortney love even though she is self destructive love is a unoin and they took each other ugly and eachothers beauty and love burns life scars and we go on but kurt was not like alot of people his vied this world very oddly and he cared so much he had to not care he message its better two burn out then fade away ps in i dont even no kurt so what ever i say dont mean shit but i no how life is and ssomtimes you feel like pulling the trigger

    phoenix 2008-08-15

  • forever

    kurt whether u leave this world and went to haeven but u give such wonderful songs to this world u r the teacher of grunge music.so u will always remain in every person who likes grunge music in this world.kurt cobain is my teacher

    misel basnyat 2008-08-01

  • stupid

    none of you people personally knew kurt or courtney love ..mind your own buisness and get a damn life!!!

    jamie 2008-07-27

  • Enough

    I don't undertand why you have to say things like this on a wedding vow site. Its like everyone has something negative to say. Save it for Nirvana forum, not a site about marraige and wedding vows.

    Please, it's really distracting when people are trying to do honest research about wedding vows and you catch negativity flowing from the comment section. This is suppose to be a place about love and marriage, not pointing fingers or talking crap about whatever out there.

    Thanks you.

    Sam 2008-07-04

  • Vows

    I thought these comments were supposed to be about the vows of marriage not some celebrity BS. If you have ever spent time in the music biz you would probably understand their live, love, sorrows and death better.

    Confused 2008-06-17

  • reality

    the ceremony words are beautiful

    cher 2008-06-03

  • actually

    Kurt Cobain was on heroine and in and out of rehab.... he actually broke out of rehab and while everyone was looking for him he shot himself.... it was only his fault...

    alison 2008-04-15

  • reality check

    gee you think that the drug addiction might have had a little something to do with it?!

    hezz 2008-04-09

  • Kurt

    I believe he didn't kill himself, he loved his daughter too much to do that. He had 3 times the letial dose of heroin in his body, there is NO way he could have lifted a gun, let alone pull the trigger.
    If anything he would have went into a coma.

    Katlin 2008-03-11

  • Anyways

    Actually no one really knows how they felt about each other. Everyone always comments on gossip. The way they acted in public really had no barring on how they were in private. They were actually very in love with one another. He has always had drug issues and we have seen many times what drugs drive people to do. So try not to judge on a relationship that really no one but themselves really knew about.

    Christi 2007-11-29

  • KURT

    I think Courtney drove Kurt to kill himself. Also, I do not think he really had the chance to do it himself because she had someone do it for him.

    Amber 2007-10-17

  • Damn

    The words in these vows are wonderful...Kurt was the man when he wrote..to bad it was wasted on Courtney...he could have shared them with any number of women...but what if we are all wrong and they did love each other the way it is written above...What if she lost the love of her life to demon like depression and the constant pain of his stomach ulcers...after all that's why he did all those drugs...damn how sad

    Machilla 2007-09-15

  • you idiots

    i am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he was a drug addict andthe alcohol he drank had nothing to do with it i am sure.he was a waste of space just another lost idiot following a dream that lead him down the paranoid schitzo life we walked into so shut up and stop blaming courtney she is still alive even after all the drug kurt was not strong enough to survive so he deserved to die

    the truth 2007-09-13

  • wow

    what amazing words they blew me away

    kay 2007-09-07

  • Seriously....

    I thought this was supposed to be about the wedding vows, not why Kurt Cobain died. I love this ceremony...it's very honest and not filled with the usual wedding ceremony fluff.

    aTa 2007-05-31

  • yeah

    actually, he killed himself because he thought they were famous for the wrong reasons, much like Brandi said. Courtney?? seriously, people.

    Rachael 2007-05-04

  • Grow up

    I don't know how you stumbled upon this website but I hope that it wasn't because your trying to decide on wedding vows. None of you sound mature enough to be considering marriage. This man died in 1994 people like you continue to torture him even in death by not being able to see him as a human being instead of some icon that you think you have the right to pass an opinion of. So unless you personally knew Kurt Cobain give us all a break and let him rest in peace.

    Lea 2007-04-11

  • You people...

    Kurt and Courtney were deeply in love, show some respect. The man took his own life. The woman is clearly a mess in effect of this happening.

    Carolina 2007-03-21

  • you freaks

    you freaks are missing the point these vows are about 2 people who loved eachother what happened in their relationship after that is irrelivant. as if you freaks know shit about their private lives, get over it! by the way these vows are beautiful.

    karly 2006-12-11

  • your all wrong

    If you took the time to study the investigation of Kurt's death, you would be able to notice all the inconsistencies. The dumb bitch Courtney did it. But putting that all aside, this is about WEDDING VOWS. Not death and saddness. Their begining was beautiful, and at one time they really did love each other deeply. thats whats important.

    Megan 2006-12-06

  • . . .

    i dont believe for one second that kurt pulled the trigger. courtney has too good of an alibi but im sure she was behind it. read up on some of the evidence it was slightly corrupt

    ash 2006-03-09

  • ummm yeah

    I think she did it ... because she new the marrige was ending and she did not want to go through with it so she haired some one to kill Kurt so their for Courtney did not do it she go some to do it for her ..... thank about that guys cuz no matter what people say every one is going to think what they want GEAT OVER IT IT HAS BEEN 10 years...

    Nicole 2005-11-25

  • courtney was just an addict

    These two will always be together. Kurt was miserable for "health" reasons... having the same "disease" with or without treatment makes it tough to want to see the next day no matter what you have right in front of you. Mix that with experimental drugs, there is no light for you. Kurt took his life because he thought it was the best for everyone. Sucks when bad things happen to wonderful people.

    Trish 2005-09-30

  • Gone too soon

    These are wonderful vows from a wonderful man!!! PS. Ladies, how exactly do you kill yourself with a shotgun?!?!? This man was murdered!!! He loves his daughter, she was his salvation, he would NOT leave her behind.

    heather 2005-08-22

  • read more than words

    It's clear to me with all the documents you can read on the net, kurt didn't planed to kill himself. Courtney is a selfish, she said: 'Kurt a rockstar? NO. Brillant yes, but not a rockstar. I was going to be more famous than him'. Her own words...

    mel 2005-08-04

  • Listen

    Kurt killed himself for one reason. He thought he had too many "fake fans". People that only liked him for the couple of songs that everyone likes

    Jones 2005-07-31

  • i hate CourtNey

    this bitch sucks.......it was Kurts mistake to give her a special place iin his heart......he didnt kill himself tht fucking bitch made him do so....i hate u Courtney and so does many hundred of people .......kurt forvere.....peace out!!!

    kurts FaN 2005-06-02

  • Hmmm.....

    my fiance and I both strongly beleive that Kurt didn't do it. We do believe though, that he was on the brink of possibly doing it himself, but there is too much saying that he didn't for us to beleive it fully. We both beleive she did it, and knew she could get away with it with his past history. If someday I am proved wrong, I'm fine with that, but for now, I hope that fucking whore gets run over several times by a MAC truck.

    Michelle 2005-05-25

  • are you kidding me

    What's wrong with you people. Dude killed himself,the end. He was the greatest artist ever, but he had issues. Not to mention a fuckin drug problem. He pulled the trigger on himself and left his baby with his crazy ass mother. I love the man to death but if you kill yourself you're fucked up in the head.

    Asha 2005-05-19

  • vows

    Way to go Jordan! You said it. The vows are so beautiful. I never even listened to Nirvana but I wanted to read the vows and I love them I may even use part of them in my own wedding in September.

    Lynn 2005-05-18

  • Umm...

    Who cares?

    The Unsilent Majority 2005-05-15

  • beautiful vows

    To jodan. Thank you. The vows are lovely and so true. I would love to use them,I am concerned that giving our officiant a script might insult him however. To everyone else let him rest in peace!

    dawn 2005-04-16

  • it not about who did what

    This web page was made for those looking for ideas for thier own wedding vows. No one really knows what went through Kurt's mind when he did the horrible act of suicide. I was just as shocked and sadened by his death as any one. Here is not the place to have an immature debate on why. Putting the awful end to thier marriage aside this was a very nice set of wedding vows and anyone mature enough to be considering marriage should be mature enough to appreciate why we are reading these not the drama that ended a marriage and ultimatly left behind a young child.

    Jordan 2005-03-28

  • wow....

    wow...i think all you people need to shut up..theres so many different theories of how Kurt died and who knows which one is the truth..so maybe courtney hired someone..maybe she drove him to do it..maybe it was the drugs..who the hell cares! Cobain made some awesome music and thats all that matters..hes gone and we miss him..but hes still amazing, so instead of wasting time arguing about his death..just think of that.

    doesnt matter 2005-03-03

  • Never

    Suicide should never be blamed on anyone who is still alive. It is a selfish act where people don't think about the ones left behind.

    carlie 2005-03-02

  • Have you ever Heard

    Have you ever heard the way Courtney talked about Kurt? The things she said? How she ran him down. She is the reason he killed himself and I hate her for it. She deserves to die and rot in hell. Kurts Fan!!!!

    For Kurt 2005-03-01

  • Shutup

    were any of you there to witness these actions? I didn't think so. so whose to say what did or didn't happen.yes courtny is a bitch but kurt was his own person and chose his own path. Besides it was probably all the drugs he was doing..........

    Cherry 2005-02-25

  • Listen Part 2

    Not was a god still is a god..get it right and whats up with people saying shit like taht cuz the person is dead? Come on their still important.

    Kris 2005-02-20

  • Listen

    No actually she got someone to kill him..the guy turned it down but he hwas found dead 4 days later and to me that means she got someone else..also the guy that turned it down was found dead.

    Kris 2005-02-20

  • Alittle more to add

    I dont think Courtney pulled the trigger, but she did have something to do with it.

    Sam 2005-02-17

  • Think

    I dont believe that Kurt killed himself. Look at all the evidence against courtney. The law, at at that time, said that once a case was closed it couldnt be opened again. His death was ruled out as a suicide, but if they did do an investigation then everyones eyes would be open to what i believed happened. If you dont believe me go buy (or rent) "Kurt and Courtney." Thank you for your time! Hah

    Sam 2005-02-17

  • Kurt will live forever

    Kurt Cobain was a god. He was murdered...Courtney Love did it! See www.justiceforkurt.com

    Michelle 2005-02-03

  • its time for Courtney to go where she belongs

    I believe that Kurt killed himself. I do believe that he pulled the trigger and shot himself, but I also think that that bitch Courtney drove him to it. She drove him to the point of suicide. How sad is that? Anyone who can drive someone to the point of wanting to end their life should go straight to fuckin hell.

    Stephanie 2005-02-01

  • whatever

    The reason he pulled the trigger is because he thouht wrong he thought that that everyone liked him because he was cool not cause who he was. It wasn't Courtney Love that he pulled the trigger

    Brandi 2005-01-30

  • Kurt forever

    I gave this couple a 10 for Kurt, not for Courtney. I don't believe that Courtney was the one who pulled the trigger, but I believe that Courtney was the reason Kurt pulled the trigger. ~Kurt Cobain FOREVER~

    Julie 2005-01-20

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