Enlighten our path to the future

________, I have enjoyed the time we've spent talking about what our different faiths mean to us. We have discovered much that we share in common.

It is my prayer that the candles we have lit together today in unity will enlighten our path to the future. I promise to honor your traditions as I honor you.


  • Respecting other views

    I agree with you. You can discuss your different faiths but it’s good to always respect the others beliefs even if they differ from your own.

    Myfanwy 2024-02-10

  • Response to Aero

    We are all on our own path no matter how similar or different our spiritual view may be. In the end we are all alone and at the same time we are all ONE. Perhaps we should be looking at the concept of being aligned with each other rather than having the same label.

    Kendra 2015-03-06

  • So...

    As an individual we are free to follow our faith. It's not complusory choose a common faith between two partners. What matters is love, respect, care and faithfulness towards each other.Those were the words of love of my life when I was unsure about us.

    Sam 2014-06-04

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