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  • Respecting other views

    I agree with you. You can discuss your different faiths but it’s good to always respect the others beliefs even if they differ from your own.

    Myfanwy 2024-02-10

  • Response to Aero

    We are all on our own path no matter how similar or different our spiritual view may be. In the end we are all alone and at the same time we are all ONE. Perhaps we should be looking at the concept of being aligned with each other rather than having the same label.

    Kendra 2015-03-06

  • So...

    As an individual we are free to follow our faith. It's not complusory choose a common faith between two partners. What matters is love, respect, care and faithfulness towards each other.Those were the words of love of my life when I was unsure about us.

    Sam 2014-06-04

  • like me and my groom to be

    Me and Michael are of two diffrent faiths. He is christian and Im wiccian. we enjoy talking about our diffrent paths. It a beautiful thing when two people from diffrent paths can come together and join both of our faiths together. We walk two diffrent paths but we walk it together

    Jennifer 2013-08-29

  • Ha What a coincidence

    I too must say that I never thought there was many wiccans out there. I am a Solitary witch and my fiance is a Christian we have our agrees and disagrees we see each others views we don't judge each other on our difference in religion. We love each other for who we are not what we believe in. We stick with the real world and see life as it is and what ever may be after death we will wait and see. I told him my thoughts he told me his but we still have the biggest thing in common and that is our unconditional love to each other. He prays for me as I send my bless be his way :) what a small world after all.

    Mandy 2013-04-03

  • Other perspectives

    Aero, you state "Faith is core to who a person is..."

    but that is simply your personal opinion of what a person's core is. I disagree. I don't feel that faith is my core, so for me there is no problem with different faiths.

    Try to keep in mind that your opinions and perspectives are just that - yours. There are as many different viewpoints as there are people. Don't forget to frame the world through the eyes of others, and not just through your own point of view. Keep in consideration what is subjective opinion, and what is not.

    Greesh 2012-05-30

  • tot backwards

    To love someone is to accept them for who they are, what they believe in and support them unconditionally. It is narrow minded to think that the only person who you can be with is someone who is just like you.

    Erlyn 2012-05-24

  • religion

    we are all people of the same universe. we need to live together and try to work together.

    suzanne 2012-05-12

  • i believe

    sometimes there is not enough time to share everything you believe in. But you honor and understand that there are differences in what the two of you believe in and are willing to accept it. That is what LOVE is all about. No one can totally know what you are about because you are always changing and you do not understand everything about yourself any way.

    suzanne 2012-05-12

  • Welcome to the club

    Wiccan with an agnostic boyfriend as well...There is no reason that a married couple need share the same faith. For us, at least, it is a non-issue. We keep it to ourselves simply because that is how it works. It doesn't change the way I feel about him. <3

    Sam 2012-01-17

  • actually..

    my husband and i have completely different religious views and it doesn't affect our relationship at all. we've been together happily for 7 years. we have a son and are trying for a second baby. he is a catholic and i am an agnostic but we never argue over our beliefs, we agree to disagree over certain things lol but never argue over faith or god.

    Gij 2011-12-14

  • Well

    I disagree with Aero. I am Wiccan and my future husband (almost husband in 5 days!!) is Christian. Yes, religion is a fundamental part of one's life, but people can agree to disagree and respect each other's religion and faith. I think it is much easier to relate to each other if the religion you both follow actually worships a deity that is similar.
    Josh believes in his God. I believe in a God and Goddess. Some believe they are the same thing. :)

    Sarah 2011-11-14

  • Interfaith

    My fiancée is Roman Catholic and I am Salvation Army ( and yes it is a religion we worship God) and because of our religions we both through out our life have studied other religions and have chosen the religion that we both are. As for our future children they will have the same education on all the religions out there and will be able to make up their own minds as to which religion they will go to. But they will as their parents do Love and worship THE ONE AND ONLY CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE as all religions worship. As to values they are what your parents have taught you as you were growing up and they are what you live and love by, both my fiancée and I have caring and loving values so the interfaith ceremony is a good ceremony but we will not be using it.

    Babs 2011-03-26

  • response to Diana

    I think it is great that your marriage has been a happy one, and hope you have many more happy years!

    I think Aero was just asking a question, not making a judgement. And it is a valid question. Many interfaith marriages don't make it because the value systems are just too different. That is not a judgement, but an observation.

    mharp 2010-10-21

  • Faith is based on BASIC Morals and Principles

    Almost every religion is based on the same underlying principles. My husband was raised Muslim and I was raised Christian. My father is an Atheist. Neither my husband nor I attend church/mosque. But we believe in the same Higher Power and have very strong morals and values that are one-in-the-same. I feel his moral character is closer to mine than most Christian men I dated previously. We both live for honesty, doing the right thing, and respect of other people and cultures. We respect each other's religious traditions and family traditions. And no, we don't agree on everything- but we learn to compromise on what is important to the other without losing the individuality we both come into this relationship with. Those individual differences which made us fall in love with each other in the first place. And for those interested, we are raising our daughter to be open-minded about religion, and that no one religion is necessarily right and others wrong. She may attend church, mosque, synagogue- anything she wishes- and when she comes home, we will discuss it and continue to reassure her of the values we teach.

    Kat 2010-07-25

  • Agreeing with Diana

    My husband and I are interfaith and very happy!!

    Michelle 2010-05-23

  • another response to aero

    aero, agreeing on faith or shall i say religious views is not the most important things in a marriage. my mum is a christian and my dad is an atheist and it worked for them (silver wedding this year). i am a christian and my fiance is an atheist- and it works. i personally believe the 'core of our souls' are our moral and family values (such as living together or not before marriage/ engagement; having kids or not before marriage/ engagement; how to bring up kids; how they see marriage etc.) which i believe both should agree on.

    yvonne 2010-01-07

  • Another response to Aero

    Faith is not core to our very souls, or all Athiests would be absolutely miserable. I have known many who are perfectly happy. Thus, it is not faith, but love that is core to our very souls. And as many celebrities demonstrate, it is love that you cannot remain married without.

    Micah 2009-09-17

  • ...

    This vow doesn't particularly stike me as one that I would like to use. However, my husband is muslim and I'm christian. We may have different traditions and religions but we share one very powerful belief in the same God. Our life is much more enriched because of these differences.

    Bonnie 2009-08-06

  • Interfaith

    Faith doesn't matter because it's an individual, private and very personal exprience. I am of spiritual faith and my partner is roman catholic and we both are set in what we belive and it's a perfect match as we don't push our beliefs on one another but dicuss ideas and what we think. that is key to any relationship. love and light

    Jj-ones 2009-06-18

  • Do Not Yoke With Unbelievers

    Although this is a Christian take, the saying is true for any faith. I married a man who didn't believe the same I did...& we we're both "Christians." But that's a broad spectrum, as there are many denominations/practices in Christianity. We're now divorced, & going to have a confused child when she visits his church when she visits her sperm donor. I'm marrying a man raised Catholic, & I was raised Baptist. Not exactly an easy set of faiths to "yoke" either. But, we've come to an understanding about our faiths, & have strived to join as one. We share a lot of the same beliefs & have chosen to join a Lutheran church. We try to balance the things we disagree on. For instance, my daughter will be baptized through our church after we are married, but if she comes to a knowledge of understanding & proclaims her faith at another time, outside of her confirmation classes, she will be baptized by my father (ordained Baptist minister) as a public confirmation of her faith, & will at that time partake in communion. Redundant? Maybe, but we want her to know that she needs to come to her own conclusions about her faith, with God & what his Bible teaches in mind. As her guides, we are doing what we can to blend our family. Although we don't agree on everything, having common interests & beliefs does help. We're also growing closer, because we want to grow spiritually together.

    QTPie 2009-06-12

  • Core

    The core of almost all faiths and religions from Catholic to Christian to Hindu to Pagan, is to treat each other with love and respect, to be the best person you can, to hurt no others and help when and where you are able.
    That is the core of faith and I believe that is the core of life and love. As long as two people believe in those same fundamental things how they get to the end goal isn't really important.

    Bageria 2009-06-02

  • aero and diana

    I'm sure there are people who are supposedly happy in a marriage with different beliefs, but how do you raise your children? You will be disagreeing on everything. The bible does say that you must be evenly yoked in order to have a fully sucessful marriage.

    christian 2009-06-01

  • Interfaith vows

    ive been pagan my whole life and my man was raised christian. Of course we have had many arguements about religion over the years but one thing we keep in mind is we love each other and cant live without the other. There is way too much emphisis placed on under whos "name" we are to proclaim our love. Whatever higher power is out there or what we call them by the fact is we are all worshipping the same entity. Who cares what spiritual path we take as long as we are living well and winding up in the same afterlife? It doesnt matter how we get there just that we get there and if you truely belong together then my advice to you is create your own wedding entirely. Keep god juda budda sheva and princess laia out of it. Because whats really in a name? Its just a title. Say something along the lines of " in the loving presence and embrace of our creator i...." keep the focus on the purpose not the witness. Your love and new life together are far more important than anything else right now. Blessings.

    ivorie reigns 2009-04-28

  • response to diana

    Live in modern times as much as you want.. but with the difference of faith comes the question of each others moral values and if that connects.. interfaith doesnt just mean that they dont care completely, they maybe just willing to put that aside but as aero said faith is the core to a person is.. it defines moral values, their perspective on things and the way they will respond to it. It was the way they were brought up and taught to believe and so that will affect the marriage in one or another way.

    something.. 2009-01-07

  • another response to Aero

    I think you are taking a shallow view of faith. Many faiths are based on the same underlying principles. It is those basic principles that bind us in ways even more strongly than the name you put on them.

    Sarah 2008-12-04

  • response areo

    im a christian and my boyfriend is muslim its not the religon that nat but what you feel when your together. we both understand each others religon but its not nessecary for either of us to convert. so the interfaith vows nice so we dont have to make the wedding religous in any way

    megan 2008-09-02

  • Response to Mr. Aero

    You are suggesting a very Christian thought. You know, there are many faiths older than Christianity. The soul is not an essence that maintains residual grudges such as the ones you mentioned above about disagreements of core faith is in correlation to bad marriage, in fact those marriages are normally the ones that last. There was and will forever be more effort put into that marriage due to the caring of the other individual without regards to religion, but genuine love.

    JBBS 2008-06-16

  • interfaith

    religion and politics should not be a deciding factor in a relationship. if you love each other thats all that matters.

    RIPLEY 2008-02-29

  • interfaith

    there is a love to god ,the utmost personal. there is a love to a huma being , also the utmost personal. love is stronger than faith and faith is as strong as love . when love is combined into one body by the creator ,then the faith is a gift given by the creator to share and learn the differences of mankind , but overcome any obstacles through the respect of the differences , guidance of faith, and the mutual power of love being shared by the god given gift by God , the creator of love...

    Yasi 2008-01-05

  • no kidding...

    Electra, wow! Ryan and i are in the same boat! He's not really sure what he wants as a spirituality and i am wiccan as well. He asks questions some times and flips through my books, but i don't make a deal about it because it is -his- journey, not mine. I don't think just because two people are living together or are married should be forced to choose one faith between them. but thats just my two cents.

    Jen 2007-07-17

  • Well...

    Shouldn't two people marrying each other and (presumably) sharing the rest of their lives together as husband and wife agree on their faith? Faith is core to who a person is, and if your faiths disagree with each other, then you are not united in your faith, which begs the question: if you can't agree with each other on what is core to your very souls, should you really be uniting together as one in marriage?

    Aero 2007-06-17

  • reminds me...

    that vow reminds me of Jarred and i. he is unsure of his relion, whilist i am a wiccan. and we respect and honor each other and our differant beliefs.

    Electra 2007-06-07

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