A Diamond In The Rough

A diamond in the rough, its what I claim to be
So if you want me perfect, you'll have to polish me

Your hearts a diamond cutter, your polish is your love
You'll work me til I glitter and fit you like a glove

I'll accept the polish fully, I know it helps me glow
You understand my vibrance so you polish me real slow

All it takes is patience and kindness from your heart
But a diamond in the rough is where you'll have to start

Working gentle patterns, you'll start to make me bright
Until the suns rays hit me so I give off perfect light

Cascading crystal rainbows, shimmering from the top
Of a perfectly polished diamond with a shine that cannot stop

And as you see my beauty, a shine that goes so deep
That the polish of your love made a diamond you will keep

The rings a perfect circle, a never ending sign
Of the love we share together and how you make me shine


  • yes

    love this so beauiful

    jessica schlagenhauser 2016-10-16

  • miss

    Needed a love song for my music class, and this fits perfectly to pachabels canon

    anya 2016-05-11

  • diamond in the rough

    This is beautiful!! Just perfect for me.

    Theresa Willmon 2014-07-11

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