A Diamond In The Rough Comments

  • yes

    love this so beauiful

    jessica schlagenhauser 2016-10-16

  • miss

    Needed a love song for my music class, and this fits perfectly to pachabels canon

    anya 2016-05-11

  • diamond in the rough

    This is beautiful!! Just perfect for me.

    Theresa Willmon 2014-07-11

  • A Diamond in The Rough

    it brings tear into my eyes because its so beautiful

    Nombasa Vesele 2014-01-30

  • awwe perfect

    i think this is better fiting than a regular vow.

    Stacy bride to bee Minnesota 2012-06-18

  • Beautiful

    Of all the words in the universe, these are the best Ive seen..and yes they made me cry

    Leanne 2012-06-10

  • lovely

    Dis poem is so beautiful it mkes u cry

    melz 2012-05-19

  • Where was this cause I have been missing it

    It's absolutly amazing and im only ffricken 11 but im gonna say it to my crush!!! Plus, YOU ROCK!

    Demike 2012-02-29

  • wedding

    this is the most beatiful poem i have ever read i will use it at my wedding thanxxx

    leanne 2012-02-23

  • Gorgous

    I cried when i read this its so beutiful

    Rachel 2011-12-22

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