Love Is

I thought I knew what love was... I had no idea.

Love is more than just an emotion.
Love is felt physically, mentally, emotionally
Love is like being wrapped up in your favorite blanket
Love is a big hug that stays with you always
Love is understanding no matter what
Love is never, ever, giving up hope
Love is completing thoughts, actions and movements with out saying a word
Love is fierce, deep within you longing to get out
Love is never having enough time in the day
Love is knowing you will never be alone again
Love is being able to close your eyes and see them in your minds eye
Love is light, even in the darkest of moments
Love is always having each others back, even if we're wrong
Love is anticipating needs
Love is the little things
Love is mine
Love is you

Even in the darkest moments I do not give up hope because I know you are there, waiting for me, with open arms and kind words and a plan :) My love for you is deep, pure, simple yet complicated. My love for you is unconditional, absolute and forever. You are my light, my day, my night, my happy place, my love, my world... You are my everything.


  • good shit dude lol

    this is verygood love how you put it together its powerful and exsplain the meaning of real love so deeply touched by the words almost as if someone was standing right before me saying the words right now excellent work......!!!!!!

    timesha mcfan 2013-09-27

  • tears

    i actually cried and i will be using this for my vows

    sam 2012-10-01

  • excellent

    This is so sweet and touching. I had to hold back the tears.

    Cece 2012-05-23

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