But Love Is Blind

But love is blind, and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit.

by Shakespeare


  • Bride

    When I got married I decided I wanted to spare the love. I have become minister and hope I do a great job marrying every one with God in my heart,

    Elizabeth 2017-09-07

  • wedding

    Congratulations ❤

    destiny Morgan 2015-07-21

  • so true

    when i meet my boyfriend i took him to meet my grandmal and she asked me do you see that big red bump on his face and i said no then i made him come over to us and looked at his face and i said to her i dont see it and she said its because you truly love him and love is blined and i just look at him and smiled and tld him i love him for the first time and he said it back and now were gotting married its so funny how i never belived in love untill he walked into my life

    nichole 2012-02-09

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