A day of music and celebration

Today, a day of music and celebration,
I pledge to share my life with you.
Whether the days that come are happy or sad,
I will live them with you.
________, I give myself to you as your husband/wife.


  • Wife

    I love you and can't wait to see you

    Kristan Fucci 2018-10-17

  • Engaged

    I would like to marry Beth as she is amazingly beautiful in every single way everyday i see her she brings a smile to my face and my heart skips a beat everytime i look at her

    Kieran Shirley 2013-01-28

  • MISS

    when I first saw him because that he was my first love all the time before we got together it was our lifes forever it take my chance to talk about our realtionship but I don't believe the man of my own reason to be anice honeymoon and I can't wait to married you because that I love you

    Ria Hutchinson 2011-12-30

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