My love for you, ________,
Is steadfast.
Unwavering, timeless...
And forever.

As the sea slowly slips upon the shore,
So will I always hold you dear;
As the sun appears with every dawn,
So will my love always shine on you.

Constant will my life be
Wholly one with yours,
Constant will I share with you
Laughter, tears, and tenderness.

Constant will I promise
To respect and honor you,
To encourage your dreams,
Conscious of your desires.

Constant will my compassion
And kindness be
In times of frustration
And in fear.

Always I am here, ________;
When clouds hide the face of the Moon,
Lost for a spell in darkness will
We know its brilliance still glows.

Constant in mystery,
Its beauty cast upon us,
We walk side by side;
Our journey together.

Constant as the sea,
As the sun,
And the moon
Is my love for you.

Copyright 2011 - Paul Grignon


  • Beautiful

    This is a beautiful poem and has given me ideas for my own promises to my wife. Thank you.

    Chris 2012-05-20

  • Good but not Great

    Love the idea and a lot of the words but the whole thing just doesn't have a great flow to it.

    Natalie 2012-04-05

  • timeless love

    this is a absolute perfect wedding vow by Paul Grignon. I may have to borrow this. This best describes our love for each other, our passion for the outdoors, and the smooth flowing poetic poerty that we love.

    Janet 2012-03-22

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