I hereby pledge myself to be faithful

I hereby pledge myself to be faithful.
I give myself wholly to you this hour and I promise to guard, cherish
and protect you all the days of my life.


  • Not the Right Message

    Sounds like a wife saying this would be saying they are ready to become the husbands slave, "I will serve you forever" it says.

    Shay 2011-03-24

  • wtf

    ok i agree w bry. i was saying to myself, what's up w all the mentioning of "faithfulness"?? isnt that the point of marriage or am i confused? if i need to make that the center of attention in my vows, we have a problem!! thumbs down to this 1!!

    liana 2010-08-03

  • For a man

    Sounds like this is for the groom. It sounds protective and...manly. Plus it's super simple...I might suggest it to my groom, except it may not be long enough....

    Monique 2009-02-04

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