Romantic and Fun

From the moment our paths crossed,
You've surprised me,
Distracted me,
Captivated me,
And challenged me in a way
That no human being ever has.
I've fallen in love with you again and again,
Countless times, without reservation,
And I still can't believe that today I get to marry my best friend.

I promise to be true to you,
To uplift and support you,
To frustrate and challenge you,
And to share with you the beautiful moments of life.
Someday, if the stars align,
I might even let you win an argument.

No matter what trials we encounter together or how much time has passed,
I know that our love will never fade,
That we will always find strength in one another,
And that we will continue to grow side by side.

I believe in the truth of what we are,
And I will love you always,
With every beat of my heart.


  • Romantic and fun

    It is almost my 42nd anniversary. I can’t send my Husband a card but I did copy this to send to him . Thank you so very much

    Myrna Hale 2021-01-03

  • It could be the best chapter of are life's x

    Again all of it was right on point but I am wondering if my day will ever come because since meet my True Love 8month's ago I never want to be with out her and my future will never happen if we're not together
    You are my everything & more
    I Love You now & forever xx

    Kiely 2020-10-23

  • Miss her everything

    The vows are LOVELY and strong but the trick is finding someone who will TRULY mean them and not just say them

    I love my tiff 2019-03-20

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