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  • The Chump

    This used to mean a lot to me...I was married in 2018 to my wife Rebecca in Vegas. Before our marriage she told me "you better have some vows"...Unfortunately, I was unable to find the words and used the more "standard" vows used by the chapel. This was devastating to her but, when I said them, I meant them.
    Since then, we have had ups and downs like most couples. One of her biggest peeves, and the thing that ruined "this"event in our life (liked all the others Ive tried) was that I didn't WRITE the vows...but she took the time to express her unique love for me. OR DID SHE? MWV. com wrote them for her. Not even personalized and added only one word...Ry. At the very end, not even my full name.
    This hurt as I was always made to believe it was "my fault" because I did not do this.

    I just discovered this site today, 5 yrs later as we are considering and leaning toward divorce. Been together for 10 and in love with her the whole time. No one is perfect, but I have learned HONESTY is key.

    Ryan 2023-08-08

  • Love

    Good quotes

    Katherine Johnson 2023-06-13

  • Romantic and fun

    It is almost my 42nd anniversary. I can’t send my Husband a card but I did copy this to send to him . Thank you so very much

    Myrna Hale 2021-01-03

  • It could be the best chapter of are life's x

    Again all of it was right on point but I am wondering if my day will ever come because since meet my True Love 8month's ago I never want to be with out her and my future will never happen if we're not together
    You are my everything & more
    I Love You now & forever xx

    Kiely 2020-10-23

  • Miss her everything

    The vows are LOVELY and strong but the trick is finding someone who will TRULY mean them and not just say them

    I love my tiff 2019-03-20

  • Miss

    This is the vow I will be using shortly

    Maxine 2018-01-08

  • 110406

    I couldn't have said anything better!!! Thank you to whomever!

    TNT INFINITY 2017-11-01

  • Agtang

    Can't help but cry reading this, it really suits me and him.

    Grichen 2017-07-13

  • Future Mrs huff

    Using this!!

    Sara 2017-06-25

  • lucky one

    Omfg reading this makes me wonder if it's the perfect one for me and and I cried cause the man I love is fitting the description in this

    bethani fooce 2015-07-07

  • Perfect

    Absolutely beautiful. cried the whole time.

    Jessica 2013-01-11

  • WOW

    Absolute perfection. These vows could not have been written more beautifully. Simply stunning, thanks for sharing!

    Tasha 2012-09-18

  • Captivated

    As I was reading the words I started crying as every word was "US".

    Catherine 2012-08-29

  • Tear Jerker

    There is one word for this vow "beautiful"

    Lauren 2012-08-25

  • Been seaching forever

    We have had our ceremoney figured out for ages but the vows were just not coming together, then boom this was the perfect start with a few tweeks for us, thanks and really great vows.

    Dave and Ashlee 2012-08-11

  • wonderful vows

    Love these vows for the simple fact that they are more realistic then any of the other ones I have read and not as boring either

    Melissa 2012-06-14

  • perfect for my perfect man

    i couldnt believe how perfect this was for my future husband i have looked like crazy and this just hit the love spot

    Holly 2012-05-03

  • Bought to tears

    I have been reading vows all night looking for the perfect words for our big day & there have been some really nice 1's but this bought me to tears!! I will definitely be using these magical words!!

    Vicki 2012-04-28

  • Beautiful and Genuine

    I read through a handful of these and none of them made me twinkle the way this one did. It truly captivates a real relationship. These are real vows.

    Nicole 2012-03-30

  • Amazing

    This is It explains my relationship with my fiance in so many way. Thank you for brightening my dad.

    future Mrs. Bumgarner

    Kristin 2012-03-15

  • Perfect in every way

    I saw these and cried and laughed... These are the vows I will be using :) perfect..

    Tracey 2012-03-14

  • Amazingly Perfect

    These vows are just absolutely perfect, i tried syaing them out loud and began to cry, can not wait too say them!!!

    Samantha 2012-03-13

  • I have been searching for the perfect words

    These vows are perfect. I plan on putting my own twist on them but they are amazing!

    Jenny 2012-02-22

  • Tears of Joy

    I haven't been looking for too long for vows to use for our wedding, but when I came across these, my eyes watered up, I just knew these were the ones. I will be using these as a guide to my own! Thanks for posting! =D

    Stefanie Stewart 2012-02-22

  • Tear

    These vows perfectly represent my feelings for my hubby to be. I'm inspired and can't wait to use this as a template for the perfect vows!

    Colleen 2012-01-30

  • perfect

    this is beautiful...brought me to tears

    Lynette 2012-01-28

  • Beautiful

    These are beautiful! I think these vows may be the ones!

    Jaymee-Lee 2012-01-25

  • Absolutley beautiful

    Such beautiful words that explain what I want to say to the love of my life. Thank you :D

    Kesaia 2012-01-22

  • Perfect

    I've been looking for the right words for a while. There is only one word perfect

    Rachel 2012-01-04

  • Perfect vows

    Best VOWS!! I will be using this as a guide and will definitely add our own spin to it but AMAZING PERFECT vows!!

    Lissette 2012-01-01

  • Indefinitely.

    These vows are indefinitely the vows my fiance and I will be using.

    Sara Joy 2011-12-23

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