Completely and Forever

________, Since we have been together,
you have made me feel more complete,
more alive, and have shown me the true
meaning of happiness.
I am a better person with you by my side.

That’s why today, in front of you, our friends, and our family
I, take you to be my partner,
loving what I know of you,
and trusting what I do not yet know.

________, I promise to respect you as an equal
And to recognize that your interest,
desires and needs
Are as important as mine.

I promise to laugh with you when times are good,
and endure with you when they are bad.

I cant wait to to grow old together,
getting to know the man you will become,
and falling in love a little more every day.

Today I give you my hand, my heart, and my love
without condition,
completely and forever.


  • miss

    Um so loving its real and from the bottom of their hearts

    colly ramakwale 2016-09-15

  • Complete love

    I love the vow, it is the complete meaning of love in every word.

    kimba 2015-06-04

  • awesome

    Im totally gonna use that im absolutely in love with it i cant wait for the day i get engaged

    faith 2013-01-22

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