Completely and Forever Comments

  • miss

    Um so loving its real and from the bottom of their hearts

    colly ramakwale 2016-09-15

  • Complete love

    I love the vow, it is the complete meaning of love in every word.

    kimba 2015-06-04

  • awesome

    Im totally gonna use that im absolutely in love with it i cant wait for the day i get engaged

    faith 2013-01-22

  • spelling

    I cant wait to to grow old together,
    getting to know the man you will become,
    and falling in love a little more every day.

    I guess it meant getting to know the man I will become!!!!

    cassy 2012-12-21

  • This one makes me cry

    This one is it...I love every single word.

    Jenissa 2012-07-19

  • beautiful

    keep writing it is beautiful and just so perfect brought tears to our eyes .....just like you took the words outs of our mouths... good job!!!!

    fletcher 2012-06-03

  • Touching

    I adore these Vows, overall great!!

    Ciara 2012-05-20

  • Two Grooms

    It's Adam and Eve...not Adam and Steve. This is what's wrong with America...we've got dudes trying to marry dudes!! Quit corn-holing each other and think about the youth!!!

    Obama 2012-05-17

  • love from the heart

    well i think i completely shows how i feel for the love of my life it really means something... i love it im going to use it on june 10 2012

    Jake melucci 2012-05-14

  • Great

    I really liked this when i read it. very nice.

    Mark 2012-04-28

  • Favorite

    Ive read a good bit of the vows on this page tryin 2 get a idea of how to write mine an this is my favorite by far

    Chasity 2012-04-20

  • WOW

    Absouletly amazing. So beautiful. Very inspiring for my own vows :)

    Nicole Benoit 2012-04-05

  • thanks

    For posting this meaninful vows here. I wanted to have my "custom", but after reading this, I do not think I can say or create better. I am going to use large part of this for my wedding. thanks.

    Iryna Kudinova 2012-03-05

  • its just wonderful

    Its one of the best ,i just love everything about it.

    Antoinette 2012-02-26

  • Perfect

    Perfect words, what more can i say.

    Debbie 2012-02-16

  • Beautiful

    Just lovely!

    Courtney 2012-02-03

  • TRUE

    I love everything about it....Nicely done

    CO Angels 2011-12-24

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