Highschool Sweethearts

We have been together since the first day we met. We were so shy and scared back then, who knew our love could grow this strong. Freshman year i met you, you took my breath away.

When your hand touched mine my heart fell to the ground. At that moment i knew you would be mine, i felt it. I felt it inside.

In the beginning we had our troubles, do i regret them? No it's when i fell in love with you, and i just had to do everything in my power to make you mine again.

Soon enough you proposed!!! I was over joyed and now im standing here about to marry you the greatest man in the world. you make me so happy and im so in love with you. ________ i love you and at this moment i am so happy and the tears are falling and i am marrying you.


  • I love this!

    I am 18. I met my love June 29th 2013, tho we knew about each other before hand. He went to a school 2 towns over form where I went. yo started talking on Facebook. We met at the fair and since that day we have been in love. our wedding is 22days away. I am super happy!

    Jordyn 2016-07-08

  • High School Sweethearts

    We met freshman year, our birthdays are months apart, I was 15, him 14. At first it was a look, a smile, a note with a simple yes, then love letters, our first kiss in front half of the school. It was that love I thought only existed in movies, butterflies in my stomach, sweaty palms, everything! At that time I liked Taylor's Swift song Love Story was my jam, only difference is that my dad didnt know, when he found out, he slapped and yelled at me. My love and I lasted 3 months because he broke up with me, he told me that he didnt love me anymore, I felt he lied but he really was emotionless about it, so I believed it, got angry, tried hating him, got a new boyfriend (guy he hated,worst idea). Come to find out by my best friend at the time told me that ever since I moved, he was depressed alot, I called him, to rub in his face I "got over him". He said he was happy for me but he sounded sad, I asked you still love me huh? he said yes so quick he tried to take that back with a no. I yelled at him and asked him why did he break up with me, hurt my feelings and lie to me? He said most long distance relationships dont end well and he didnt want my dad to hurt me anymore cuz of him. I hung up, so confused, hurt and lost. I cried so much. That rebound guy lasted 11 months. But my love and I had no contact for 2 years and 9 months. Beginning of our senior year, he found me on facebook, friended me, we texted and talked for two whole days reminiseing on old memories nonstop until finally got back together, I annouced it to my father after I turned 18 lol smart. Moved out of my dad's, lived with my granma 4 months and graduated, he proposed, later that year I moved in with him. Three years of engagment and we are getting married next Thursday. The end, lol it was a long story but I had to get our love story out on the web.

    Brianna 2016-01-18

  • So true that high school sweethearts can last forever

    Me and my boyfriend met when we were both doing grade7 but not in the same school. Its so funny that we met at the pool. And I can still remember the day and date when he approached me. It was so cute and we took everything from there. 1 year after we had to be separated due to a distance as I was moving from the place we I was staying with my granny. We both thought distance would separate us for good but that didn't happen. And even today we are still together.

    Selinah 2015-12-26

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