How it feels to be with you


You have been completely transformative for me. You have elevated me and improved me. I feel freer, more centered, more effective, happier. I feel nourished and fulfilled. I feel alive.

And that’s strange – since neither of us were born yesterday, and both of us have already lived rich and wonderful lives. But together... Together is a whole 'nother story...

If this were a sport, I feel that I have just laced on my cleats, gotten off the bench, and joined a raging game in midfield.

More than that - I feel like I just caught the ball and I am racing towards the endzone. I am dodging blockers, my legs are pumping, I am caught up in the rush. Since meeting you I feel like the world is moving faster. I feel like my heart is in it.

So this is what I vow:

I vow to *keep* my heart in it. I vow to square my shoulders and lean into it. I vow to fight for you - to knock whoever and whatever there is out of our way... So that you and I can rush forward in this blur. In a hazy, fantastic blur... With our friends cheering... and our legs pumping... and our hearts drumming... With the wind in our faces and the earth under our feet.

I vow to love you - like that... With all the passion and all the energy and all the power I have.

By Eric Lima

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