I Found In You

________, I found in you a strength I never knew I had. I now have the ability to see the future and do everything possible to keep that vision a reality for the both of us.

I found in you a home that we built together. Today we are laying the founding bricks with not just love, but an everlasting commitment to each other.

I found in you wisdom that would otherwise take years to acquire. Because you never go into a relationship knowing what to expect, we, together, have learned how to deal with those unexpected happenings and will continue to learn how to maneuver on a sometimes uneven path.

I found in you children. The children that we once were, and may very well be for quite some time! Just as a child takes baby steps to learn to walk, we, too, must take baby steps at first while understanding that taking it slow really is the best way to learn anything.

I found in you a calm ending, an ending to my search for happiness because that happiness is the most wonderful gift you have ever given me.

And finally, I found in you a bright beginning. I found the beginning of a life with someone who completes me in every way I can think of. We can shine as individuals, but, Baby, we sparkle as a couple!

I hope that I can give you everything and more of what you given me. If I can make your life half as complete, half as happy, half as wonderful and exciting as you have made my life, I couldn’t ask for anything more, except maybe to share that wonderful life together.


  • J.A.Bullows wife for eternity

    Even though we have been through trials, our love for each other still stands and God will always hold us up as always and we will continue to love each other no matter what the circumstances. I love you with all my heart and I always will my darling. You are my life. I dream of the day when we can finally be together and share the same home , the same bed, the same table, the same couch, everything in life. I love you.

    Terry Lynne 2021-07-05

  • My vows written in heaven

    We been together for thirty years that.er commited from heaven .we start from fallin I love the first time we met each other the most beautiful thing happen in my life that no one can ever break our vows cause the pen we use is our blood together we wrote this is the reason no one can break our commitment it’s becauseGod is with us binding by his blessing ever since I love you till death we are apart .

    Maria Luisa redona 2021-06-27

  • To my Lovely Wife

    I love you Terry Lynn

    J. A. Bullows 2021-06-07

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