I vow...

I vow to make you happy, whenever I sense your sadness.
I vow to make joy, to coeinside our gladness.
I vow to show my love, to keep the smile upon your face.
I vow to keep the promise, that no one else will take your place.
I vow to create comfort, after a long day of work.
I vow to bow and pray with you, in the mist of the pain and hurt.
I vowed the day of matrimony, to love, honor, and obey.
I vow again the same, as if it was our wedding day.
I vowed to God to be there, in sickness, in health, til death do us part.
I vow to you in the sight of God, that those words are my mark.
I vowed to you of being your wedded wife; everything stated in our vows
are embedded, engraved, planted, and branded upon heart for life.
I vow that I will forever love you as your friend and a wife.
Everyhing ever said or written, I promise, I vow......

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  • my wife

    I vow to love and respect you

    Shannon 2015-09-15

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