I began writing these vows like most do.. Looking for some idea or inspiration on what I should say. I googled, watched youtube videos, asked others what they would say, or did say when they wrote their vows, but in the end I realised one important fact... The only inspiration I needed was the face that greets me with a smile and a “Good Morning” when I awake, the face that says “Good Night” with a kiss and an “I Love You” before I sleep, the face that said “Yes” when I asked him/her to marry me. ________, you are my inspiration.

You are the most incredible person I have ever known. You make me feel so loved every single day. I am completely awe struck that you chose me to be the one standing here with you today. You are my dream come true, the joy in my heart, the laughter in my voice, and the smile on my face. We complement each other so beautifully and together we can face anything. We can be comforted in knowing that we will never have to face anything alone ever again. You are my partner, my best friend, my soul-mate, the one I have waited my whole life to find.

May the bond that we make today, never be broken, and may it only grow stronger for the rest of our lives. May we never forget how we felt the first time we stared into each other’s eyes, the first time we said I love you and how we feel standing here today, because our love is exactly that, Ours, and you and I, and only you and I have the ability to nourish it and make it grow. It is our strength that binds us and our love that will carry us through, all the days of our lives.

I promise to always be your chauffeur when you can’t drive.

I promise to always drink all of the chocolate milk you pour in my cup.

I promise to try and add some green to my diet.

I promise that I will always be there for you, in good times and bad. May we always laugh together like we do now, and may the stormy days we encounter and the trials we face only ever make us stronger.I promise to celebrate with you, to encourage you, to always believe in you and to always be proud of the man/woman you are, and who you are to me.

I promise to comfort, support and defend you if life ever brings you sorrow. I promise to be forever faithful to you, heart, body, mind and soul.I promise to never ask more of you than what you can give.

I promise to bring joy, strength and smiles into your life.I promise to always be your partner, your best friend and your number one fan.

I promise to always listen to the words you speak, and to listen even harder for the ones that you don't.

I promise to always come home, no matter what.

I promise to you... that I will love you always, with my whole heart in this life and the next. You are where my heart is, and the reason that I believe in love, I promise to always give all that I have and all that I am, for you... for us.

You are my Inspiration and I love you.

By Jeremy

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  • Ms.

    This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing such loving and inspirational words.

    Stephanie 2016-09-13

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