I Will Always...

I will always love you,
I will always support you,
I will always stand beside you,
I will always be close when you need me,
I will always take care of you,
I will always see to it that you are happy,
I will always make sure you are comfortable and content,
I will continue to surprise you and i will continue to make you feel special,
because you are special,
its up to me to remind you every day,
I will always turn to you,
I will always depend on your for support as well,
I will always trust you. i will always have faith in you,
I will always be me,
I will always love you for being you,
I will not try to change you nor will i wish that you would change on your own,
I will never let anything come between us,
I promise to always work things out,
I will always listen to your side,
I will never leave,
I will work for us,
no matter what we encounter,
I will remember the little things,
I will always do little sweet things for you,
I will never be too tired to talk, at least for a little while,
I will always smile when you arrive, as soon as I see that it is you,
You will always be recieved with hugs and kisses,
I will always say, "I love you",
I will never let you forget.
I love you ________

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