________, as we stand before everyone my love for you is greater with each breath. I can't help but remember our first date, lost in your eyes. Again I find myself lost in your eyes.

We have faced unspeakable things and came out above it. I can take on the worst powers with you next to me. I have seen the parts you keep hidden from the world, and they are some of the best pieces. Before you I was broken, lonely and only a fraction of what I could be, but with you I am whole.

________, I don't promise perfection, for perfection soon gets boring. It dulls the senses and weakens the love we have. I can't promise we will never have to fight for our love, but I will always stand by your side ready to take on the world to keep your love as long as you let me have it.

I promise to always keep your love in my heart, cherish it and to give you my love no matter the cost. I swear to be there when you need me, I refuse to go to bed upset with you. I will listen and coniser your words before acting on them, and not make a decision in haste.

When you are called away I will wait patiently, with each moment that passes our souls becoming more intertwined. There is no hell I wouldn't go threw to get to you, no worse hell than being away from you. My arms are always ready for your embrace, ready to pick up any pieces that may have fallen. To put it all back together for us, I give all of me to you, not holding anything back.

________ I take you as my lover, father/mother of our children, best friend, and husband/wife from now until time ends the essence of our beings, forever and always.

By Morri

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