My Keith

________ I am so happy today
Today is the day that I get to show the whole world
How much you mean to me
How special you really are

You taught me how to love
And showed me how to be strong
I am so excited about our future together

I will to be beside you
Through the good times and the hard times
Whatever arises we will handle it together

I promise to be faithful in mind and body
I devote myself to you alone
For the rest of my life

You are my best friend,
I will always love you
And I will be the best father/mother I can to our babies

________ when you put on this ring today
You will be wearing my love
For all the world to see
This is a small piece of me that
Symbolizes our marrage and friendship
Everytime you look at it
Remember I love you


  • My one and only Keith

    This is what I want say to my soon to be my husband thank you....its amazing.

    Deanna 2016-07-10

  • Awe

    This would be so perfect for me assuming i was already a mother but this is wonderful and perfect and amazing.

    Layla 2012-02-28

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