My One True Love

Before I met you I was lost
My life had no meaning or direction
But then I walked into THAT room THAT day
And noticed you

As much as you were trying to hide and deny
The fact that you were a man/woman
I could see through your facade
See the hurt and betrayal
That had led you to this moment
You would do anything to lessen the pain
Even if it meant denying who you really were.

A part of me resonated with you that day
A part that said 'this man/woman can be so much more'
I knew at that moment that we were identical souls
We had both received betrayal and hurt
From the ones who should have loved and protected us.

From that day forward it became my mission
To show you that you CAN love without fear
Be loved without betrayal
And have someone with whom you can share
Your innermost thoughts and feelings
Without fear of reprisals of judgement of any kind

It didn't take me very long to realize
That I could and would
Love you with everything I am
And everything I could ever be
You are the one and only person
Who could and have
Brought out the very best in me

Now that I have known you all this time
Each and every single day I give thanks
That God led me to walk into
THAT room on THAT day
And look across the room to see you
The man/woman who has become
My Life, My World, My Everything
My One True Love

On this day
Before our loved ones
Both Family and Friends
I make these vows:

I will be true to you for all time
I will always and forever
Hold you both in my heart and in my mind
I will remain by your side whatever may come
Be it Happy or Sad, Good or Bad
I shall never waiver
In my love or commitment to you
From this day
Until the end of all days
I will always love you

By Edward Anderson

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