Place your hand in mine

Place your hands in mine and
let me try to rhyme these few lines.
To walk this everlasting path,
the thoughts of our religious laughs,
from the alter today, lets start.
Curious to discover this journey,
today is the arrival of our destiny,
the start of happy memories,
nobody said it will be easy but if
we always speak and always learn
to understand this love's fundamental
and keep this emotional then from
today we'll be as God teach.

Place you hands in mine,
assign your heart to mine so our
soul's continue to intertwine,
today I'll take you as my wife,
the root filled devine of my life,
let me be the labourer of your needs
as we grow in this romantic dream.
I'll be the sunshine when you wake,
warm the cold of your body's shake,
I'll be the eye of your storm,
through life's earthquake I'll be your
calm, I'll be the silence of your alarmed
so take me hands and let me be the
husbands to rescue your loving needs.

By Andrew Vassell

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