Preserve and Protect

Our love is mind blowing, your kisses shatter me, thank God your love gives me strength and purpose.

Our love is so special and so pure. It is up to us to continue to preserve it and protect it. Our love is like a child that needs nourishment and guidance, trust and development. I will always show you that support, that kind of love, that kind of respect and the time that will be needed.

I hope the language of kind words continues to be ours and that good deeds are always done for one another without question, for you are the most important person in my life and I love you more than the sun and the moon and the billion stars that shine in the sky.. you make me swoon lover... thank God.

By chrissie

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  • My best friend

    The day I met you, I just couldn't help myself. What a nice friend I made. I knew I'd found my soulmate. It was in the eyes, like marbles they shone back at me like constellations so mesmuring, your beauty simply divine. Your chirpy character, non judging, patcient. What I'd been looking for a long time Who respects me, knowingly their. I found you.
    You reach my soul, and melted my heart. Raising a smile on my face. Making my heart warm. I've never felt so deeply and so tenderly, towards someone, sincere I am in saying this. So intensely heartfelt. What I feel for you Is something beyond comprehension, & society's.
    Been through a lot as close friends from happy times laughing, the range.
    IWatching over you from a distance Wishing you the very best in life has to offer I wish you only happiness, solidarity, peace, good will to come to you. I love you so my friend. I've asked Christ Jesus to protect you from life's trajectory, life's woes alongside your journey.
    Thanks so much for being my lifelong pal.

    Teabag 2016-12-22

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