To The One I Love

________, as we gather here today in front of our closest family members and friends, i would like to share with you how much you really mean to me.

________, since the first time you held me in your warm, loving arms, I knew that you were somebody special. The first kiss that we shared, i tasted a lifetime of happiness.

I think you are a wonderful man/woman and i dont think i could ever imagine my life without you. I value the way that you always let me now how much you love me.I can see it in your eyes, the way that you look into mine, that you need me as much as i need you.

________,you are the center of my world, and there is not one second of the day that passes that I do not take a moment to thank god for allowing such an amazing man/woman to take part in my life.

I want you to know that i am here for you through thick and thin,in sickness and in health, I promise to stand beside you. Not only are you the love of my life, you are my best friend, my back bone, and i truely think that we are a match made in heaven.

I promise to stand behind you and give you my very best, I promise to be faithful and to respect your love and our relationship. I hope that i can be everything that you are to me.

________, From this day forward i promise to cherish our relationship, because i feel that having you in my life is a pure blessing from god. I love you with all of my heart and i look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

As we walk out of this alter,hand in hand, i hope that our life is filled with many happy blessings to come as we grow together to discover our bright new future as a happily married couple.

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  • I love you so much

    Dont give up stick it out with me
    I will

    Trio O-Rio 2020-01-23

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