When we first met, neither of us would have guessed that through time our friendship would grow so strong. Somewhere in the laughter grew a love like none I have ever imagined.

Today, in the presence of our friends and family, I give to you the key to my heart. You have long held it in your hands, but Today, I announce it to the world. My intent cannot be forever, we have no concept of the vastness of that word, I promise you only that as long as I am able I will love you. I will honor you, and support you. If you walk into disaster, it is I who will be with you, crying along side you, finding strength with you, finding joy in you.

I will face life's journey with you, living, learning, growing. This I promise. I will be with you until there is no more to explore. I will love you till I have memorized every shadow of the dawn, every shade of color in the sunset... I will not promise you till death do us part, for I know that the love I have can not fade with deaths bitter parting, nor can the memories we set out to create together so quickly be torn from my heart. I simply promise to love you for as long as I am able. Yesterday, tomorrow, and Today.


  • Love this

    Never did I really think I'd find that one.
    I have this and a lot of vows before have made me cry because to know what real love is, You really can't put it into words.
    All I know is I was going along mostly happy with life and I walked in through his door that night. And all before him were mere parts in leading me to him, the one I will love forever.
    There's no need to even think of who I could find.
    He was the wish, I had wished upon a star every night since I was little.
    To know deep down in my soul, that he was my one, true and real love. As I told him, "You sang to me a song, only my soul could hear."

    Chas klapperich 2021-03-03

  • wow

    This one has spoken wonders to my heart.

    Daijah 2014-03-23

  • love this

    i love these vows. amazing.

    futuremrssharp 2012-09-27

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