When we first met, neither of us would have guessed that through time our friendship would grow so strong. Somewhere in the laughter grew a love like none I have ever imagined.

Today, in the presence of our friends and family, I give to you the key to my heart. You have long held it in your hands, but Today, I announce it to the world. My intent cannot be forever, we have no concept of the vastness of that word, I promise you only that as long as I am able I will love you. I will honor you, and support you. If you walk into disaster, it is I who will be with you, crying along side you, finding strength with you, finding joy in you.

I will face life's journey with you, living, learning, growing. This I promise. I will be with you until there is no more to explore. I will love you till I have memorized every shadow of the dawn, every shade of color in the sunset... I will not promise you till death do us part, for I know that the love I have can not fade with deaths bitter parting, nor can the memories we set out to create together so quickly be torn from my heart. I simply promise to love you for as long as I am able. Yesterday, tomorrow, and Today.


  • There’s a big problem here

    While there is a lot of beautiful content here, in reality there are parts that are awful and weak.
    “My intent cannot be forever… I promise you only that as long as I am able I will love you” and ending with that line again, for emphasis, yikes!

    So if one day after an argument they think, nope, I’m not able to love you anymore, then that’s the end of the relationship and they haven’t even broken their vows.

    Honestly, if I was a bride hearing those words on my wedding day I would question the commitment of the person saying them to me.

    Take out those lines that sound like they’re trying to add in a loophole/escape/way out if things don’t turn out the way they hoped, change them to words of actual commitment and promise, and then they will be very beautiful, meaningful, heartfelt vows.

    Jenn 2023-05-29

  • Love this

    Never did I really think I'd find that one.
    I have this and a lot of vows before have made me cry because to know what real love is, You really can't put it into words.
    All I know is I was going along mostly happy with life and I walked in through his door that night. And all before him were mere parts in leading me to him, the one I will love forever.
    There's no need to even think of who I could find.
    He was the wish, I had wished upon a star every night since I was little.
    To know deep down in my soul, that he was my one, true and real love. As I told him, "You sang to me a song, only my soul could hear."

    Chas klapperich 2021-03-03

  • wow

    This one has spoken wonders to my heart.

    Daijah 2014-03-23

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