With All My Love

From the first moment i saw you,
i wanted to meet you,
from the moment i met you,
i wanted to know you,
from the moment i knew you,
i was in love with you,
i wanted to share my life with you...
... and from that moment
to this moment,
and for all moments to come,
i will love you with all my heart,
and you will have my utter devotion.
The diamond on my finger does not compare to the love we share.


  • awsome

    that was awsome, but striaght to the point,and i have to agree with kim it is extreamly true and beautiful, who ever wrote it i take my hat off to you so to speak

    kelly 2013-01-23

  • TRUE

    I can't believe how true this is!!

    Kim 2012-01-17

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