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  • I love it.

    Any vow that is written with good faith and sincerity should be honored and respected first and foremost.

    To me, a vow or pledge should be meant wholeheartedly, if you have expectations or needs say them because that is the clearest way to represent you.
    Do not say it if you do not mean to follow through with such words with all that you are able.
    For the comment regarding demons.
    Yes, it is "real" talk, the way this author depicted that their mate face and help to destroy any demons along side and or for them.
    I am at total odds as to why would you not be willing to defend and protect your mate and best friend?
    In the event that troubles and or a "demon" in this case arrive, I would defend my partners life with every breath that I hold dear in my lungs. And I would expect the same in return.
    Anything less and then you might as well focus on pre ups and just steal someone else's vows because you do not seem to comprehend the sanctity and honor of being privileged to defend your mate and bowing to do such into words.

    Rae 2021-05-20

  • I Like It

    The punctuation distracts and breaks up what is being said. If you get it lined out right and listen to what is being said, the sentiment is beautiful. A poetic heart speaks without regard to punctuation--

    Alyssa 2012-07-01

  • ha this is rediculous

    Really?? If my husband has demons im gonna run for the hills and hope he doesnt follow... I want vows that are going to talk about growing old together and falling in love all over again when dealing with life on lifes terms isnt going easy and to learn to live as one and to be faithful in a society that says sleeping around is ok... I just dont know how to word it other than ill love you when you start sagging and i wont be a slut lol not very good termonology but atleast its real

    dena 2012-03-19

  • soon to marry

    They are ridiculous vows. Something out of Harry Potter and the bridal horrors!!! Complete BS

    Tanya Banks 2012-01-28

  • true

    it's nice but it's not coming from the heart... a man who loves his future wife would say what he feels from the heart... and those words would be true cause their coming from his heart..

    cardonia jean 2011-09-04

  • rough draft of what

    This doesn't even make sense. Reading it was indeed annoying.

    Aika 2010-03-22

  • Devils Advocate

    I see what you mean about a fantasy. But, in a way, that's what the wedding day is about. starting fresh with all the hopes and dreams of a perfect union. We no there is no such thing, but your wedding day is when you idealize everything that is possible for the two of you. And I like how the word play drums up visions of a fairytale, because isn't that what every little girl dreams of when she grows up!

    Christie 2008-10-02



    STEPHANIE 2008-03-25

  • Poetic

    This is a very special statement, it is obviosly from the heart, and was written with a very special someone in mind.I like it Kudos! (For the nay sayers if you cannot say anything nice do not say a thing!!!!!)

    Dede 2008-02-19

  • not something i would say

    its good but i wouldnt say that only becuz its not mine what i really want to say and it may not be true

    alexus 2007-08-07

  • Whaaat

    I can just imagine the look on my grooms face if I said this.

    Mary 2007-01-31

  • Never

    I would never say something like that.. it's has no heart, no love, it's... it's just not the thing to say..

    April 2005-05-25

  • Slightly annoying

    Reading it was annoying.It does seem kinda spacey

    Donut 2005-04-11

  • not very insiteful

    this sounds like fantasy, nothing real. sounds like someone not to in touch with reality, sure you will make my life wonderful but what about us, as a whole, what about the time that might not be so great what will we have then. When the fantasy is over. Are you serious!

    monica 2005-01-20

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