Excerpt From "The Hymn of the Universe"

Only love can bring individual beings to their perfect completion, as individuals, by uniting them one with another, because only love takes possession of them and unites them by what lies deepest within them. This is simply a fact of our everyday experience. For indeed at what moment do lovers come into the most complete possession of themselves if not when they say that they are lost in one another? And is not love all the time achieving - in couples, in teams, all around us - the magical and reputedly contradictory feat of personalizing through totalizing? And why should not what is thus daily achieved on a small scale be repeated one day on world-wide dimensions?

Humanity, the spirit of the earth, the synthesis of individuals and peoples, the paradoxical conciliation of the element with the whole, of the one with the many: all these are regarded as utopian fantasies, yet they are biologically necessary; and if we would see them made flesh in the world what more need we do than imagine our power to love growing and broadening, till it can embrace the totality of human beings and of the earth?

by Teilhard de Chardin

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  • Dear future husband,

    Dear future husband,

    I hope you learn to love yourself before you love me. Because you have to learn to love yourself in order to love me. Love your smile, your eyes, your skin, your race, your name, your lips, your ears, your body, and your feet. Yes, your feet lol! You have got to love every single inch of yourself. Love your flaws because they are beautiful just like God wanted them to be. Just like the Bible says in Psalms 139:14, "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right i well". God made you just the way he wanted to, so don't let anyone else prove you wrong. I love you!

    Love, You're future wife

    Maya 2023-03-29

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