I Am Love

Some say I can fly on the wind, yet I haven’t any wings. Some have found me floating on the open sea, yet I cannot swim. Some have felt my warmth on cold nights, yet I have no flame. And though you cannot see me, I lay between two lovers at the hearth of fireplaces. I am the twinkle in your child’s eyes. I am hidden in the lines of your mother's face. I am your father's shield as he guards your home. And yet… Some say I am stronger than steel, yet I am as fragile as a tear. Some have never searched for me, yet I am around them always. Some say I die with loss, yet I am endless. And though you cannot hear me, I dance on the laughter of children. I am woven into the whispers of passion. I am in the blessings of Grandmothers. I embrace the cries of newborn babies. And yet… Some say I am a flower, yet I am also the seed. Some have little faith in me, yet I will always believe in them. Some say I cannot cure the ill, yet I nourish the soul. And though you cannot touch me, I am the gentle hand of the kind. I am the fingertips that caress your cheek at night. I am the hug of a child. I am love.


  • Heart and soul

    I only wish that I had the opportunity to be able to read this at this ceremony of my daughter and and her husband are renewing their vows after 16 years of a blessed loving caring compassionate and awesome marriage Partnering together to share all this love with their children and they are sharing this celebration and ceremony with our grand daughter Lydia joy on her dedication day and their family I feel so blessed to be able to share love with them as well

    Linda K 2017-06-03

  • Perfect

    My granddaughter asked me to read something romantic at her wedding. This was the poem I read and she and her new husband loved it. She didn't know what I would read until the ceremony.

    Larry 2015-09-12

  • Incredible

    This poem is literary perfection. An ideal poem to get tears flowing at the wedding and realise what love truly is.

    Emily 2015-02-23

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