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  • Heart and soul

    I only wish that I had the opportunity to be able to read this at this ceremony of my daughter and and her husband are renewing their vows after 16 years of a blessed loving caring compassionate and awesome marriage Partnering together to share all this love with their children and they are sharing this celebration and ceremony with our grand daughter Lydia joy on her dedication day and their family I feel so blessed to be able to share love with them as well

    Linda K 2017-06-03

  • Perfect

    My granddaughter asked me to read something romantic at her wedding. This was the poem I read and she and her new husband loved it. She didn't know what I would read until the ceremony.

    Larry 2015-09-12

  • Incredible

    This poem is literary perfection. An ideal poem to get tears flowing at the wedding and realise what love truly is.

    Emily 2015-02-23

  • Too beautiful

    I have been given the honour of reading at my son's wedding. These words are so perfect that I'm not sure if I could read them without crying so I might have to opt for something less emotional.

    Linda 2014-10-27

  • perfect

    This was read to us at our wedding, I had never heard it before. It brought tears to our eyes, it is so beautiful, so stunning and so true.

    Mary 2014-05-14

  • Says it all

    This really describes love exactly as we should all experience it. I will be using this on the 23rd.

    Lesley 2013-10-30

  • I am Love

    It's lovely. I am going to print this in my wedding program for guests to read and keep if they wish.

    Diane 2013-05-19

  • I AM has spoken

    I am speechless - so beautiful

    Anastasia 2012-09-09

  • wedding couple

    wiil am so in love my pather but we have our up and down were getting married in the summer

    nayeli zepeda 2012-04-30

  • 2 4 12

    Anyone knows who wrote this?

    Luci 2012-04-01

  • beauty

    its perfect,and beautiful !!!!

    lyla 2012-02-25

  • i love it

    i will let my sister read it on her wedding

    juliet 2011-12-13

  • I am Love

    this is such an amazing poem. i've been looking all over for a poem like this and its just...PERFECT! just...beautiful!

    joanna 2011-11-16

  • I am love

    Had this at my wedding....not a dry eye in the house!

    Tamsin 2011-07-07

  • I am Love

    Incredibly Perfect!

    Kimberly 2011-04-19

  • I am love

    This is so beautiful! I would like this read at my daughter's wedding. Does anyone know the author?

    Rosie 2010-12-19

  • WOW

    Beautiful in the highest degree! So filled with the strength of beautiful LOVE!

    Elle 2010-04-09

  • i am love

    its so beautiful it made me cry...

    mar ietta 2009-05-12

  • Just right

    I will have this read at my reception by my family. It is just perfect for my fiance and I. We truly believe this.

    Emily 2009-02-10

  • beautiful

    I will use this is my cousin's wedding...what wonderful thoughts.

    Posi 2008-06-09

  • Mrs

    I am getting married in April and will be reading this lovely poem at my wedding.

    Claudette Thomas 2008-04-14

  • I am love

    I am a recently appointed marriage celebrant and I wlii be including it in my collection,it is a lovely piece

    Jenny Funston 2007-12-28

  • 2007-07-01

    I would like to include this poem in my wedding, but I would like to credit the author. Does anyone have that information?

    Courtney 2007-07-01

  • I am Love

    This is a really beautiful poem, so simple and very true. I will include it in the collection I offer my brides and grooms. (I am a celebrant in New Zealand.)

    Virginia 2007-06-26

  • love it

    I am going to have this read at my wedding . It's beautiful

    lara 2007-03-01

  • I am love

    Absolutely beautiful!! I am definitely going to have this read at my wedding!!

    Janine 2005-11-01

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