Love of My Life

When you found me: I was dying, you gave me life. I was aimless, you gave me purpose. I was nobody, you made me somebody. I felt unworthy, you gave me dignity. I was weak, you gave me strength. I am me because of you and I know I can only be whole when you're with me. We are two halves who fit together perfectly. I thank you for all you have given me and for who you have made me.

I will cherish the love you have given me and I will love you until God decides it is time for us to leave this earth. We talk about who the lucky one is, but in truth, we are both lucky to have found each other when we did, because I believe we were meant to. We saved each other. I could not bear to ever be without you. You are my soul mate and everything I am, I give to you and everything I have, I share with you. This is my promise to you.

By Pauline Anesi

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