My Pledge To You

My intention is to love you ________, all the remaining days of our lives together.
To willing share you with your family and friends.
To allow you space when you need your own private time.
If we are to go down the path of sickness, poverty, or sadness,
may I be there to comfort you, care for your physical, emotional,
and spiritual needs, dry your tears, and help ease your breaking heart;
that is where I want to be; always by your side.
May I do my very best to respect you in the spiritual role
that is meant to be yours and yours alone in our union.
I promise to be your greatest cheerleader,
to come along side you and to be the helpmeet that the role of a wife includes
wherever God chooses to place us.
I will endeavor to lay my desires down on the sidelines,
pickup your needs and run with them,
until we have no choice but to be separated only by death.
(name), I promise these things to you this day before these witnesses,
but most of all before the true and living God.
This is my pledge to you in the holy name of Jesus our Savior and Lord.

By Janice Reese


  • Very Loving

    Love this. Thanks for sharing!

    dmsinchrist 2013-06-05

  • With tweeking this will be perfect

    This will be the basis of my vows, with changes that fit me to my 10 year "partner" in life as we have finally decided to jump the broom. He is going to be quite touched with the words I wish to offer him for the rest of our lives.

    Emalea 2013-04-08

  • lovely

    I love these vows, if you take out the "God" part, and change the order a little bit.

    Rox 2013-04-01

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