Our promise to each other

Our relationship will always be a work in progress. Therefore, I promise that I won’t take our relationship for granted and will demand with fierce courage that we both approach this new and exciting chapter of our lives with aliveness, connection, “in-to-me-see” and a commitment to learning and growing. I will stand in equal footing with you as we look into the space between us to create and shape a welcoming and loving place for ourselves, our families, and our friends.

I understand that we most successfully and creatively manage life’s challenges when we communicate, communicate, communicate. Therefore, I promise to be honest with you about my thoughts, feelings, needs and desires even when I make up that you might not feel the same way. Our strength will come from negotiating differences immediately, respectfully and clearly, not from ignoring the differences we inevitably will have.

I understand that our finest and most precious moments will occur when we revel in the deliciousness of each other’s company. Therefore, I promise to find new, exciting and juicy ways to have fun together and to make us laugh as often as possible. Every moment I smile with you, I relax with you, and I laugh with you brings us closer together and deepens our bond and our "big love."

Finally, I understand that love has many facets, including passion, trust, and commitment, and that each of these facets will change as we evolve as a couple. Therefore, I promise to be aware and to remain vigilant of the changes that will occur in how we love each other over the years.

This vigilance will also demand that I find new ways to demonstrate my big love for you and to deepen our intimacy. This will always be foremost in my mind and in my heart.

By Adapted from Guy Grenier

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