The Elegance of Love

I stand in the elegance of your beauty and the love for you through God. Now here in front of witnesses I pledge my eternal love... "This I Promise You."

I remember a young beautiful lady who 43 years ago brought me joy and wonderful happiness. You sparkled with laughter and had such a zest for life and its adventures.

Today, I see before me a young woman who still sparkles with laughter, who still has that magical zest for life and whose beauty has captured my heart and soul.

I Love you and "I Shout To The Lord" so that all may know of my love for you. God has given us a second chance to be together.

I Love You and "Every time I Look At You" I surrender to you. "I only want to be the Man" to give everything that I can... Everyday and every night.

Like your parents, like your brother and his wife and my brother and his wife and others all who have long outstanding marriages...I will give you all of my heart and love, "This I Promise You."

There are phases referencing song titles (In quotations) that her and I will only know what it means to us.

We both are in the mature life (60 yrs) cycle and we've been widowed after lengthly marriages.

We use to date in High School and never saw each other again until 43 years later... Great story here. Please tell me what you think, less spelling errors.

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  • miss

    my man i will be marring this year we also met as teenagers and had been a part for over 30 years heres to happy reunions and lift times fild wit love .. second chances are the best

    vicki 2016-06-23

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