I Will Always...

I will always love you through thick and thin
I will always love you my friend
Even though we have some differences
But I’m here and I will always be listenin'

We are like the sun, because we will always shine
Baby whatever happens to me, you will always be mine
Even if we are miles away
In my heart you'll stay

I am here for you and nobody else
When I smell your scent I’ll always melt
My heart is in yours hands
Nobody can't take care of it like you can

I have been waiting for you for so long
Love for each other will always be strong
You are the one for me, there's no doubt in that
When you say "I Love You" I saw the heaven crack

The tears that I cried for you will always be happy
Now you’re in my life, now I will never have bad dreams
I will do anything for you, just let me know
Just for you I will let my love show

I need you in my life as like you need me in yours
I see nobody, just me and you in this world


  • i awalys

    this is my vow to my boyfriend his name is Jordan james berger
    I am his glirfriend my name is kali Nicole Ohara
    pales send this to me
    love kali

    kali ohara 2017-07-22

  • We are getting married soon

    I will be happy to have matt Lee Richard for my husband

    Matt and Tricia Richard 2016-02-19

  • Buhle

    This touches ma heart,ncoooooo! So sweet

    Buhle 2015-07-10

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