Life Together As One

We enter life as a single entity, growing and learning as we pass along the years making us who we are as an individual. Each step we take and every bump in the road molds us to where we are today. Every mountain climbed and every hole we've fallen unto, has shaped us until now.

From this day forward, every mountain, every bump in the road, every stepping stone, every hole, will be climbed, jumped, fallen, and walked together as one. Side bye side, hand in hand, being shelter for one another, and home in each others arms. The dreams and goals we each have, shall now be Our dreams and goals We have. Life together as ONE.


  • Love

    Love this poem keep up the good work

    Teresa fulmore 2012-04-07

  • Life together as one

    wow... when i saw this I just knew i have to use it on my wedding invitation... it just made that connection with my fiance and myself...

    Viday 2012-02-12

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