How to Use Readings at Weddings

It is important for couples to add their own personalities to their wedding so it is unlike any other. Some do this through the decor, while others through the songs chosen at the reception. Another way to set a wedding apart is to ask that readings be done during the ceremony. These readings can be important passages of religious scripture that are important to the couple or can include touching stories about love and relationships.

Here are some key tips to follow if you wish to include readings as part of your wedding ceremony.

Select People to Do Readings

While many weddings allow for the officiant to do the readings, it might be a good idea for you to include family or close friends in your day's celebration. A good way to do this is to ask them to do a reading.

Weddings involve many individuals, and sometimes it can be problematic to include every close friend in the festivities. Sometimes, there just are too many bridesmaids or groomsmen standing alongside the bride and groom.

Doing a reading at your wedding ceremony will help those individuals who could not be included in the wedding party to participate in some fashion. It is more special than having someone be an usher or hand out programs and is just as useful of a job. This might also be a good way to get parental participation or have the grandparents recite a treasured poem about love.

Choose Meaningful Passages

The best way to make your wedding feel more personal is to include passages that have meaning to you and your spouse-to-be. A favorite movie quote, book passage or scripture verse can speak volumes about your life and love together.

However, not every ceremony allows for just any readings to be done. If you are having a religious ceremony, check with the officiant first to make sure the selected readings are appropriate. They will know what is and is not appropriate for your particular denomination. If you plan to have a more liberal officiant or a non-religious ceremony, choose any passage you think will fit into your ceremony!

Anticipate the Ceremony Mood

Will your ceremony be a romantic affair? Are you and your spouse selecting upbeat music or eclectic traditions in the ceremony? Readings can help set the mood you are wanting for the wedding, but it is best to anticipate ahead of time the type of mood you want for your wedding. Carefully select readings that will best reflect what atmosphere your and your significant other desire during your ceremony.

Consider Nontraditional Readings

Did you know a song can work as a reading for your wedding? Many love songs can either be played with instruments at your wedding, played from a recording, or read like a poem in place of traditional readings. If you would love a song played at your wedding but do not know if it appropriate, consider having a reading of the lyrics instead.

A great way to get the involvement of multiple people at your wedding is to ask two people to read every other line of a passage you selected. This might be a good way to freshen up a tradition like wedding readings with new life.

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