Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Wedding Vows

Writing wedding vows can be very important to couples tying the knot. However, even if a couple takes a year or more to plan a wedding, they may not spend the same amount of time on their wedding vows. If time is limited and you are running out of ideas, hiring someone else to write your vows might be a good option.

Here are pros and cons to outsourcing your wedding vows, as well as some tips to choosing the right contractor to write your vows.


Improve Your Wedding Vow Draft

Some people have certain strengths when it comes to wedding planning. Some people are better at budgeting whereas others prefer doing the hands-on projects. If writing is not your strength, it might be better to hire someone to write for you.

Many writers can act as consultants and, for a small fee, give tips on improving your draft. If you are comfortable with that writer, you may consider having them edit and rewrite your vows. Gifted writers are great at crafting the right words; ask them to use their strengths to help you sound great!

Saves Time and Stress

Wedding vows may not be a high priority in wedding planning. Figuring out decorations, caterers, decoration delivery and more may be more important to do than writing vows. Hiring someone else to write wedding vows may alleviate some of the stress that comes with wedding planning.


Less Genuine

One disadvantage to asking someone else to write your wedding vows is they might not be as genuine as what you could write from the heart. Even if you feel like what you wrote is not as good, your loved ones will be touched that you wrote how you feel.

When people write wedding vows, they use their unique voice to come up with the words they will say. Asking someone else to write your vows might not give them the same voice you could if you wrote the vows. The writer may, example, use words and phrases with which you are not familiar or comfortable saying.

No Guarantees

Depending on who you hire to write your wedding vows, you may or may not be able to guarantee the vows are exactly what you envisioned. It is best to choose a person with a proven track record and references. Someone that specializes in speech writing might be best if you plan to outsource your wedding vows.

Some quick tips for hiring a contractor to write your wedding vows include:
  • Use a contract. This will outline your expectations, the number of revisions you require from the writer and the payment method and date. A high-quality freelance contractor will not hesitate to sign a contract. If the person does not agree to the contract, hire someone else.
  • Talk frequently with the writer about your wants and needs for the wedding vows. This will help them understand your relationship better and do the best they can in writing your vows.
  • Even if you plan to write your own vows, having a second eye review them is always smart! Hiring a proofreader or editor will help make your wording just right.

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