Tips for Making Your Wedding Extra Personal

We all know that if something is to happen once in a lifetime, it has to be special. And so to make it special, it has to be something that would remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

After your wedding, of course, you will be married for life 'til death do you part'. It will always be in your memories forever. What better way to make the memory last than to make it extra personal?

In this article, I will give you ideas on where you can put significant symbols or representations of your personalities and even the virtues of your relationships.

Sure, you may have opted to hire a wedding planner for your big day, but integrating some personal touches can make your wedding all the more memorable. When you're all set, let's begin.

Dare to be different with your invitation cards

Invitation cards have always been a part of every big celebration; you've got to invite the most important persons in your lives as a couple.

But if you're planning to be a little more personal, you can always put some personal touches like a candid picture that shows your personality and that of your future spouse. Perhaps you can add one where you were hiking together. Or if you are feeling a bit more artistic, you can decorate it yourself using a software called Scrapbook Studio.

Along with your persuasive wedding invitation wording, you can also add your couple tag line, punch line or motto which is also familiar with the guests you are inviting.

With extra personal invitation cards, you guests could already tell that your wedding is going to be unique and special.

Stay true to your theme

Oh yes, who would forget about the theme? If you want an extra personal everything for your wedding, you should have an extra personal theme.

If the wedding is about you, the theme should always be about you. You could try choosing from themes that best represent your oneness, or your common ideals, or your virtues or your wishes.

If the two of you are quite an adventurous couple, why not do an outdoor wedding? If you share a common desire for diving, try pulling out an outrageous underwater wedding.

Being creative with your theme can help you be more creative in other stuffs in your wedding. Just be true to yourselves and maybe you can come up with a theme that would stand out from other weddings and most likely be a part of your memory and your guests.

Write your vow on your wedding rings

Wedding rings are symbols representing your eternal union and love. They have become an important part in most Western and Eastern wedding traditions. You can make your wedding rings more personal by engraving your personalized vows around your ring.

It can become a multi-purpose symbol which can prove to be useful in battling future temptations and emotional struggles.

Wear yourselves as your wedding clothes

It happens once in a lifetime that it cannot hurt if you wear a dazzling dress or a dashing suit for the ceremony. But soon enough, fashion trends may change and it may not become memorable for you at all. Try going out of the norms and wear clothes that best represent you as a couple.

You can add embroidered symbols to your dress or wear a futuristic suit. Have fun juggling and balancing religious moralities and social ethics with your personal touch. Just remember to always wear that smile and pure joy in your big day.

Have a great deal of a memorable program that encourages your guests to be involved

You may have opted to hire a wedding DJ to host your after wedding program. Try helping your DJ by adding some activities with your personal touches. The toast for the couple, the dance, the giving of gifts-they have always been in many post-nuptial parties. Why not add a few outrageous activities like the special speeches by the Exes of the couples or perhaps some little games?

Commission an artist to make sketch of you both on a big board and let your guests sign on the borders.

There are a lot of amazing talents that you can find in freelancing marketplaces such as Odesk which don't necessarily drain your bank. Make sure to place your order months before your actual wedding day to make allowance for delay in shipment. A handmade sketch of you both as a couple conveys the idea that you have put so much thought on your wedding preparation and your guests would be flattered that you should want their signatures on such a valuable item. Such a unique approach would not only add an extra personal touch to your wedding but also immortalize its essence.

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