To Love and to Hold

Love comes in many forms, and so do wedding vows, but not all of them are true.

The most solemn part of a wedding ceremony is when the couple exchanges wedding vows. Never is there any moment that words could sound so meaningful yet could also be devoid of meaning. If wedding vows were only taken seriously, divorce rates could have been kept to a minimum. Sad to say, many couples rush into marriage and get so preoccupied with the wedding preparations that they tend to forget about the core of the wedding - the very purpose of being together.

Let's take a look at this traditional selection:

"I, Romeo, take you Juliet, to be my wife, to love and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part."

In reality, the secret for a happy marriage lies in the proper understanding of these vows and the desire to fulfill it.

In the beginning, there were no vows, no contracts, no wedding ceremonies. If the story of creation holds water, our first ancestors never had any of these trimmings, yet their unions lasted for several hundreds of years. So did the marriage of many Biblical and historical couples after them.

Looks like divorce started to become a trend the moment contracts begun and promises were made. Could it be that the saying "Promises are made to be broken" holds some truth?

Truth is, when trust is there, promises and contracts are not necessary. Let's face it. Contracts and promises are meant to give assurance to an existing insecurity. So again, unlike the many sites where different patterns of vows are put on show, I dare you to be different. Instead of making a vow of assurance, make a vow of trust.

I'm sharing with you here one of the most beautiful wedding vow ever said:

"No one is as lonely as Adam without Eve; no less would I be lonely without you. Since eternity past, you've always been mine and I've always been yours; we belong forever. You were created for me, I was created for you. You know how precious you are in my sight; you're the very air I breathe; you're my very life. So today there's nothing that can be done except that which has already been done. I will be for you as you've always been for me; you are my body as I am your head; my love unites us and it binds you to me. Death shall not part us, for our love will live on. Even to the eternities of eternities, we belong."

This particular vow holds no promises; rather, it is a declaration of what they both know for always. This is a vow that is borne not out of insecurity or uncertainty of what the future holds; rather, this is the substance of things that are seen beyond what can be seen. This is a vow of faith and trust, and if both partners take the time to understand and believe its implications, they will act accordingly, for in reality, we make our own destiny.


  • love love love

    can i take this vow on our wedding day?i really like it. .sounds different from the other vows I've read. .

    precious.princess 2012-09-15

  • wow

    Wow. The last vow was amazing it says everything that i have been trying to word but could. it has a great and truthful meaning amazing

    mirza garrido 2012-06-30

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