Writing Short Wedding Vows

The great thing about wedding vows is they do not have to follow certain rules. For example, wedding vows can be as long or as short as you want them.

You have the freedom to deliver them in front of an audience or say them intimately to your spouse when you have a moment alone. You can also forget the written vows altogether and do a ceremony with traditional vows the officiant guides you to say.

For many couples, short wedding vows are a good choice. A quick ceremony might require short vows. By contrast, a long ceremony might also require shorter wedding vows if the other traditions in the ceremony take a long time to complete.

Here are some tips on writing short wedding vows that get your point across in the least amount of words.

Outline with Short Phrases

An easy way to make short wedding vows is to use short phrases in your outline. These can become the body of your short wedding vows. If you have a rough idea of what you want for your short vows, it will be easier to write and say them.

Use Emotion in Your Brevity

Many people are against having short wedding vows because they tend to sound emotionless However, writing short wedding vows does not mean you must forgo meaningful words.

Even longer wedding vows that drag on and lose emotion, so it is best to find a balance. If you plan to writer shorter wedding vows, use many adjectives and expressions that help get your point across without speaking at length.

Receive Recommendations from Officiants

If you want to include short wedding vows because you want a short ceremony, ask your officiant if there is a ceremony format that works best for shorter vows. They may also be able to help you write wedding vows, as they often have experience with ceremonies of all lengths.

If you desire a short wedding ceremony, meet with your officiant well in advance of your wedding date. It would be a good idea to include your significant other in the planning process, especially if they are expecting a longer ceremony. Your officiant can provide a format that works best for your ceremony and does not disappoint.

It is possible to write short wedding vows that still have meaning. Follow these recommendations for well-written vows that are not too long but still have the right amount of meaning.

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