It has come to pass

Groom: We promised to love for richer and for poorer-and it has come to pass. We've known plentiful times and lean times; we have loved through both.

Bride: We promised to love in sickness and in health -- and it has come to pass. We've been strong and we've been weak. We've each had our turn to take care of the other. We have given and received comfort.

Groom: We promised to love for better and for worse and that, too, has come to pass.

Bride: Our love has made the good times better and the bad times bearable.

Groom: Fifty years ago, we promised to spend our lifetimes together. We were filled with hopes and dreams and youthful anticipation. Today I thank you for making those hopes and dreams come true.

Bride: Thank you for the years of joy for the laughter and the hugs and the unfailing, supportive love.

Groom: We promised to love, and it has come to pass.


  • The Lord is our strength

    Vows are lways personal, and this one proves that go be trur .

    Revealing true steadfast love by God's help. 2015-09-25

  • Very Sweet

    It is always such a joy to be asked to perform re-commitment vows, these verses are a perfect reflection.

    Pastor Jacqueline Soares 2008-10-18

  • Lovely words and clever too

    These are lovely.

    Rev.Terri Cooper 2005-08-22

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